We often come across many errors while we are using the internet. Sometimes, it might be an error stating “No Internet Connection.” But how serious is it? In some instances, it really takes you off the guard, and the situation gets grave. In the world that we live in, it becomes super difficult to survive even a day – or in fact, a few hours without the internet connection.

To help it, spectrum internet packages and some other providers ensure their services and availability all over the USA at all times. There is a minimum to zero disconnections in such connections. Hence, there are no downtimes – not for your businesses either!

If you are using the internet for any of the critical sectors such as health, commerce, business, and education, you can’t really afford disconnections. Therefore, the best shot that we use is to call the representative as soon as we get any error like “No Internet Connection.”

But the question is, is this the right thing to do?

Well, in my opinion, this isn’t. The best in this regard is to find out or troubleshoot the cause of the problem by yourself. Now, you must be wondering how to do this. This article is all about solving the no internet connection problem for you.

Solving the No Internet Connection error

The first and the foremost step when you are trying to solve this error is to figure out why it is showing up in the first place – that is, you need to perform a diagnostic check.

Relocate the Router

Before we begin, take your device near to the router or modem from which you are getting the internet signals. If you get the signals and the error of no internet connection sets aside, you need to relocate the modem.

Sometimes you are in the dead zone of your home where the internet signals do not reach because of too many obstructions in the way. Therefore, the best way is to move your router or modem in such a way that you can directly get the signals around your house.

Following are some points to save yourself from internet outages due to dead zones:

  • Remove electrical or magnetic devices that obstruct the signals
  • Keep the signaling device in a central position
  • Get closer to the router or modem as much as possible
  • Use WiFi extenders to distribute the signals equally

For this purpose, check if the same internet connection is working on other devices – such as your laptop, mobile, or any other device. If yes – boom! Your device needs restarting.

Steps to troubleshoot the device on which the internet is not working:

Enable the WiFi

If the device is showing the No Internet Connection, make sure to enable its WiFi. For mobile phones, tablets, android, or iOS devices, you have to go to the device settings and turn on the WiFi button.

Additionally, check out that the Airplane/ Flight mode is off.

You have to go to the network settings on the laptop or MacBook, according to the specific Windows that you are using. Turn on the WiFi, and check if the error subsides.

Disconnect to Connect the Internet Again

Many people consider it a child’s play and won’t believe in its significance. However, as much as it sounds useless, it is very useful. It resets the whole connection without having you do anything. This is the best solution for the over-or under activity of the device or modem. However, with the spectrum internet packages, the problem is super rare.

If this fixes the problem of No Internet Connection, Congratulations, you have been saved from big trouble! If this does not seem to fix the problem, let’s get to some more troubleshooting options until we finally resolve the issue.

Forget WiFi passwords and other details.

Forgetting passwords and even the whole connection from your device sometimes fixes the problem. This removes the complex data from the internet connection system and gives you a fresh start. Since the devices are switching continuously from one connection to the other, sometimes the system gets confused, and hence such issues arise.

Alternatively, if your internet is not working for any of your devices, it’s actually your modem/ router or ISP that needs to fix the issue. The problem is essential with the internet side of stuff and not your device. In order to fix it, there are a few things that can really solve the problem.

Restart the device

Restart all the devices that you are using. They can be anything like a modem, router, extender, or anything else you are employing to streamline the internet provision. Turn off the device, and keep it turned off for a few seconds. Switch it on again, and check if the no internet connection problem has been fixed.

However, make sure to wait for a few seconds until all the modem or router lights have turned on and got stable. This is equivalent to performing a soft reset on your modem or router. If you are confused, follow the steps as described below:

  • Unplug the power cable connecting your router or modem
  • Wait for 30 to 40 seconds
  • Put the cable back into the socket
  • Wait for the lights to turn on
  • Make sure that the lights are stable
  • Connect internet on your devices one by one

Perform a hard reset on the router

Hard reset is very simple and easy to do these days. You have to long-press the small button that’s mostly present at the back of your router. This will reset the internet connection and will ask you to put all the details again. You might need to add the spectrum internet packages credential if you are using spectrum internet. However, this will solve your problem.

The Verdict

The No internet Connection is no fun. It really annoys you, and you must try to solve it on your own before you move to contact your ISP’s customer services. Because of the pandemic, we are most certainly trying to avoid any visitors. Hence, you must perform these steps and try to solve your internet problems.