As we all know, people are quite busy these days, there is a lot going on, the day starts with alarm and morning coffee followed by very lengthy ‘to-do list’ that seems to be endless.

In such a hectic circumstance, convenience appears as the biggest perk.

For buying a product there is no need to rush to the malls or shops, no need to deal with parking issues or wasting a lot of time for buying. Online shopping has changed the way of shopping, one can purchase anything online without disturbing their daily routines.

Reasons, why people love online shopping

1) customers can purchase items from their home and from wherever they are with comfort, they are no longer required to move from one place to another in search of goods .shopping nowadays becomes very convenient.
2) It saves times and efforts of the buyer, they can use their leisure time for some productive purpose.
3) A plethora of products are available at one stop, they are no longer required to rush at malls or shops to purchase them.
4) Goods are arranged in such a manner that easy comparison is possible on the basis of color, brand, size, and price etc. For example, if the buyer makes a comparison on the basis of price, only those s will appear on the screen which lies within the price range selected by the customer. You may avail such an advantage only by clicking once.
5) Availability of online shopping is 365×24×7, so time does not act as a hindrance to shopping.
6) Online tracking is also possible, where the purchaser can track the order status and delivery status.
7) Online shopping also helps in saving money by offering a variety of discounts and coupons.
8) online shopping provides detailed information about the product on the screen itself, whereas in the traditional method retailer conveys each and every information regarding it, hence wasting a lot of time.
9) Also, in the case of online shopping, there is no pressure on shopping or buying anything whereas, in physical stores, the retailer may exert some pressure on the customer for buying a product, and therefore creating a burdensome problem.
10) Easy return and refund policy, where the customer may return the product in the case when the product is not up to the mark and may easily get refunded or repaid.

Most loved online shopping sites are:


India’s biggest online store for mobiles, fashion, electronics, home appliances,  furniture, grocery, jewelry, sporting goods. This is one of the best sites for shopping online, provides the purchaser with a convenient shopping experience from the comfort of their home.
-Easy return and refund policies are available on Flipkart.
-Easy comparison on the basis of price, color, brand, size, etc.
-shoppers can easily make a wishlist, one of the listing feature where they can add or collect all the items that he or she wishes to purchase.
-Flipkart is one of the best shopping sites that offer a wide range of products and various listing features.

Even in such a pandemic COVID 19, some precautions have been taken by Flipkart like executives are required to wear a face mask while making deliveries, use of sanitizers at every point, they have also launched sanitizers and surgical masks to support the country’s efforts to control the COVID 19 outbreak.


It is also the most loved online shopping site. It also has a large customer base as Flipkart has. Amazon offers a variety of products-books, electronic goods, cosmetics, footwear, clothes, grocery items, etc. Amazon also offers various discounts to grasp the attention of the buyers. Amazon also provides an “Amazon Prime “service where one can avail of early access to Amazon deals, free shipping, unlimited video streaming, and so on. Amazon offers two days free shipping and even same day free shipping in those metro areas where the service is offered.-Unlimited video streaming -where one can have access to thousands of streaming television shows and movies for free.
-Unlimited photo storage -where one can take a lot of photos and store them, this storage is completely secured.
-Kindle-where registered amazon prime reader can have free access to books.
-Amazon prime music, where registered music lovers can have access to plenty of music, good tunes, and millions of songs etc.


A best online shopping site for those who are seeking the latest fashion trends, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, ethnic products, bags, fashion accessories for men and women. The company furnishes quick information for the latest fashion products to keep the pace of fashion trends. It offers a variety of deals and products -joggers, sliders, henley shirts, polo shirts, Oxford pants etc charging a fair price and exclusive offers with full quality assurance. It offers a deluxe policy of discount and hence helps in saving money. Effortless tracking of goods is possible. The company regularly updates an app for easy access. There are easy payment options, effortless refund and return -15 days exchange or return. It offers delivery everywhere in India. The company is well known for its honesty and thoughtfulness. It offers a wide range of fabulous commodities at a fair price and assures quality at the same time. Also, the company notify the customers for ” DESIGN OF THE DAY” on a daily basis, where they are shown amazing, unique, latest and special designs of the clothing. Even in a pandemic COVID-19 -The company is manufacturing masks, hand sanitizers and gloves.
-The company is minimising contacts, most of their employees are working from their home.
-The company’s delivery partners have been advised to use a mask, hand sanitizer and should take care of all necessary sanitary measures.


It is the most loved site among many Indians, as it offers wide range of merchandise -tops and tunics, jeans and leggings, winter wears, watches, eyewear sunglasses, perfumes, fashion jewellery, home n kitchen appliances, men and women clothing, electronics and so on at very cheap prices.

The company that serves Indian customers and it’s a market place. It grasps the attention of most of the buyers because of the cheaper and fair prices of the commodities.

Recently, Snapdeal has updated its app and hence emerged with new salient features :
-Information about the product is easy to find.
-All decision making information can be found in one view, no longer need to tap more n more.
-Aim of snapdeal is to establish a” worldwide digital marketing platform.
-It has also established a “customer feedback” option for a nicer shopping experience.
– It has also improved group classification.
-It has also enhanced sort and filter option
-It has also broadened the option of online selling on snapdeal, where one can establish an online selling business with snapdeal without any expenditure, availability of business is 24×7, one can work from home comfortably, no or very low marketing cost in establishing such online selling business with Snapdeal.

Also, the company is maintaining all necessary sanitary requirements which are the” need of the hour” in such a pandemic COVID -19.


An online shopping site for fashion and lifestyle,  clothing, shoes, accessories for men and women. It is one of the most reliable online shopping platforms. Products are very authentic, 100% genuine items of lots of brands available on myntra.

The company deliberately assures quality, comfort and durability. Easy 30 days return and exchange policy provided that, the product would have not been used by the buyer so far and it should possess its original condition, tags and packaging.

It also offers complete and authentic information of the product, comprehensive size charts, better filters, easy sharing of product in any social app instant ordering and cancellation for a better shopping experience.

The company has also introduced a “TRY AND BUY” feature, where one can have full access to a commodity without even buying it for price. This feature is valid for apparel, shoes and accessories, applicable for high-value commodities-maximum 3 products, whether it is on “prepaid” or on “cash on delivery” doesn’t matter. This feature of myntra facilitates hassle-free shopping.

Also, in pandemic COVID-19 various safety measures have been taken by Myntra to safeguard the efforts of the country towards this COVID crisis. -necessary sanitary measures, use of masks, hand gloves, sanitizers by the employees and delivery personnel. The company confirms all the safety guidelines provided by the government in such a disaster, COVID-19.

All the above shopping sites are so good to buy anything, even I am very much addicted to online shopping. Recently the most asked question is, which shopping sites are the best for clothing? I will answer the most common question: when it comes to buying clothes, I will prefer ” BEWAKOOF” for western wear especially their t-shirts which are so cool and eye-catchy, that can’t take my eyes off, “MYNTRA” for ethnic wears Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal for clothing as well as for other products.