To quote the great TV Show, The Game Of Thrones; Winter is coming; well it is almost here, right at our doors. Now imagine, what if as the first frost arrives and your furnace decides to betray you that very night. When you wake up shivering, you will feel as if your home in Cerritos has turned into an icebox. Would you want to be dressed up in gloves, hats and heavy coats inside the house? I guess you would not want that, right? So the right thing you can do at such a time is to get a service for furnace repair in Cerritos. Do it today and fast.

Your furnace like any other electronic equipment is complicated and when there is even the smallest of malfunction, it stops the entire furnace system in its tracks. The right technicians for furnace installation in Cerritos will help you bring it back on track.

Here is list of things, looking at which you should simply go ahead and call the technicians for furnace repair in Cerritos:

  1. The furnace does not switch on.
  2. The pilot light is not lighting up.
  3. The furnace is causing strange noises; especially when you start it or operate it.
  4. The main burner is not lighting up and is not staying lit for longer than a period of 3 seconds.
  5. The blowers are not turning on even after the burners have been lit.
  6. The furnace blower is always switched on.

Any of these problems are just the tip of the iceberg. The technicians called for Furnace Repair in Cerritos will look for other things also. She or he will check, if there is power going into the furnace. In most of the cases, a tripped breaker may have caused the problem or a loose wire may be the source of the problem.

 Complication in Furnace Repair

In some cases, the complication may be caused by a faulty thermostat Installation, transformer, run capacitor, control board or even the blower motor. The right technician can run a diagnosis and pinpoint the exact problem.

In case of a failing motor, the squeaking and squealing noise the repair professional will immediately try to fix the failing motor.

In some cases there will be no ignition. If the burner is making rapid clicking sounds, it may mean that the burner is trying to ignite itself. If the burner or any if it’s parts have to be replaced or repaired, the repair professional will do it swiftly.

But sometimes when a burner is not staying lit up. It is usually caused by dirt ridden flame sensors. They may need to be fixed.

But the run capacitor or motor may be causing the blower to not turn on. And the capacitor can be replaced easily, while the repair expert may take a little more time to troubleshoot the motor.

So, If the blower motor is running continuously, it may be caused by a clogged air filter. But the limit switch may have been damaged by the restriction in the air flow. The right serviceman offering an expert service in furnace repair in Cerritos will help you deal with all these problems.