If a company or brand is to make a name for itself in the online market, it necessitates them to have a documented content strategy. According to a study, more than 50% brands or companies do not have a documented content strategy. What it does is it risks oversight and pushes the business owners and marketers towards overlooking important components of online market.

Therefore, it is imperative to understand these aspects and ensure their timely execution. What exactly are those overlooked aspects exactly? Not something as obvious like, create a Wikipedia page for your company. However, it has most to do with content optimization and tweaking. Let us dive right into it.

  • Video Inclusion

Content marketing is prodigious, and to most, it is the primary and most beneficial aspect of online market. There is little to no evidence backing up any claim against content market being the top contributor to many company or brand’s online successes. However, there is one overlooked aspect that can not only halt the process, but also drive back an otherwise well-made content strategy.

The top contributor to that fact is lack of video inclusion. According to many studies, video marketing is the most beneficial type of content marketing going around today. Moreover, video content has a higher demand and wider appeal compared to other type of content. Which is why it is important to include video content in your marketing. This content includes:

  1. Animated videos
  2. Explainer videos or whiteboard animation
  3. Video advertisements
  • Visual Representation

This aspect is not entirely overlooked, but it is the least utilized one with most promise. Moreover, many times, compelling content fails to deliver because it has a lack of gripping impression towards the reader. Which is why, visual representation is not only important, it provide a myriad of benefits to your content. Not only does it help you portray your stance better, but also helps you explain nothings, which are otherwise difficult.

What exactly is visual representation of your content? You need to include illustration of intricate matters, if you are trying to sell a product or service that requires complex directions. This is why; infographics are considered the most vital in portraying usage. Moreover, video inclusion comes into play again, as it is perhaps the most vital visual representation of your content. Helping your consumer/reader visualize your content is essential to your brand’s success.

  • Not Enough Infographics

Infographics are so important, yet so overlooked, that they make this list twice. Infographics are the glue that hold your content together. Consider this, if you are to help someone understand how to use a piece of gym equipment. Would you rather write a 200 word intricate direction, or would you just visualize it with an infographic? The answer is what your own mind would prefer. 

Therefore, it is essential to help your consumer understand the complexity of your product or service with the use of vital infographics. Moreover, infographics can provide additional information like pie charts, line graphs, and histograms.

  • Social Media Utilization

The common mistake of many content marketers and business owners is that they use social media, but do not utilize it. What is the difference between the two? Using social media to promote a link to your content, whether its on YouTube or a blog, is using social media. Utilizing social media is how you would garner feedback and help yourself improve your content.

Therefore, it is important to improve and hone your craft that you utilize your social media correctly. For example, a simple poll that asks, “What type of content would you like to see?” goes a long way in helping your readers connect with you. Moreover, you need to incorporate and make social media content separately. Social media is supposed to help you interact with your consumers, which is why it is important to utilize it to the fullest.

Wrapping It Up

These are some of the overlooked, and perhaps, the most beneficial aspects of content marketing in 2020. The lack of these aspects in your content strategy does not only sabotage your content marketing approach, but also ruing your hard work regarding creation and research.