Choosing a Paper shredder may seem like a simple task but there are various factors to consider before buying the one that suits your wants and the one that will match your requirements.

You need to know these features if you’re considering buying paper shredding equipment as it is one of the best ways to destroy files that are confidential and can be stolen from your office.

In this article, we take a look at 4 important features that you should know and consider before buying a new paper shredder for your office.

1. Noise levels of the machine.

Paper shredders of all kinds no matter what the quality is are going to make some annoying noises. But some of the higher-priced and quality paper shredders these days produce really less noise and vibrations.

Of course, you want to opt for the one that makes the task as hassle-free as possible. But if you don’t want to splurge too much on a paper shredding machine then you might have to sacrifice a bit of quality and that can include loud annoying noises that can disturb your office environment. You can check out youtube videos or research properly on all the types of paper shredders available at your budget and decide on the one that would be perfect for you.

Also, it is worth noting that with modern technology there are many paper shredders these days that come with noise-reducing components while being budget-friendly as well. You can also visit your local place that sells paper shredders and deduce the quality of them personally as well.

2. Paper shredder capacity and speed.

Shredder capacity depends on the kind of business you are getting it for. It’ll be different for different sectors like a home office, general office, large industrial use, etc. You can also ask yourself a few questions regarding this if you’re not sure like are you going to use the machine occasionally or daily, how many people are going to use this, etc.

The general consensus for determining can be done based on the no. of people that are going to use the machine. Anything more than 10 people and you should probably opt out for a commercial shredder. So, if you are a five-person office team then you can opt out for small shredders, if you are a single person then you can go for personal shredders.

The next thing you’ll have to look for is the speed of the paper shredder. For example, a personal shredder has a run time of a few minutes whereas a commercial shredder has a run time of more than half an hour before you can let the machine cool down.

3. Safety and security level of paper shredding machine.

Security level might be the most important factor you’d want to consider when buying a paper shredder. Security levels can range from a level 1 to level 7 where level 1 is just reducing the volume of the documents that are lying around in your office that will do no damage to your business even if anybody sees it and level 7 is the higher security level to ensure that the machine shreds the documents into pieces where they cannot be recreated even if anybody wants to try.

The higher security level paper shredder does this by shredding the papers into so many pieces that they cannot be recreated ever. One more thing you should look out for is the safety feature of the paper shredder. Although most power shredders out there have basic safety guards to help keep fingers out of dangerous zones, if you want to go for more safety then many paper shredders nowadays have in-built laser sensors to detect fingers so that the blades don’t do any damage to you.

4. Advanced features if you want any.

If you’re looking to just shred papers then any paper shredding machine will do but if you want to shred anything more than just papers then you would want additional features. Some of these features can include the ability to shred credit cards, DVDs, CD shredding feature, the ability to handle staples or paper clips, pull-out bins, etc.


There are many more shredding features than these 4 but you can start with these 4 features to consider a paper shredding machine that will do the work for you.

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