The Aremberg pattern gets its name from the D’Aremberg castle in Belgium. This family ruled Belgium until the First World War. The Atelier des Grange created the panel pattern in 1840 for a library in Paris. These floors are laid wall to wall or inlaid with different types of wood. In addition to alternating different wood species and finishes, you can also use the Aremberg pattern to add interest to your parquet wooden floors.

Parquet wooden flooring is a timeless style

That features pieces of wood laid in geometric patterns. The design is both timeless and functional, combining function with aesthetics and stability. There are many variations on this design, including the classic herringbone pattern, the double herringbone pattern, the chevron pattern, and rustic designs. The choices are virtually limitless, and your only limit is your imagination.

Parquet flooring Dubai is a traditional style of floor covering that was originally installed in stately homes and chateaux. The flooring comes in many different styles, including ‘herringbone’, ‘chevron’, and ‘chessboard’. These styles combine geometric patterns and wood species in a way that blends function with aesthetics. It also gives you the opportunity to match the design to any color scheme in your home.

Parquet wooden flooring is a stylish and classic style

That can give your floor a chic and modern look. It combines functionality, aesthetics, and stability. While parquet wood flooring is not suitable for slab foundations, it does lend a unique look to any home. You should ensure the subfloor is at least three to four inches thick to avoid any moisture damage.

When it comes to choosing a type of parquet wood flooring, there are many different styles to choose from. The herringbone pattern is the most common among parquet styles, and it can make your space look wider or smaller. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, but it is not a cheap option. For example, the herringbone pattern is a simple one and is a great choice for kitchens.

You can install parquet wood flooring in your home

The design is classic and versatile, with wood pieces arranged in geometric patterns. These floors are made with function, stability, and aesthetics in mind. The most popular parquet wood designs are the herringbone, chevron, and double herringbone. You can easily install them as long as you have the necessary space.

The herringbone pattern is another popular style of parquet wood flooring. It is easy to install and can last between ten and fifteen years. It is best to hire a professional to refinish the wood floor to keep it looking new. This will give your floor the perfect floor look! If you have ample space for the installation of parquet wood flooring, you can opt for this style.

Black parquet wood flooring is an excellent choice for modern offices

It gives the impression of elegance and luxury. The black parquet wood flooring and other floor coverings will definitely impress important clients and will add a touch of class to any room. It is a beautiful option for homes and businesses alike. There are many other benefits of choosing this style of flooring. It is easier to install and durable, compared to other types of wood floors.

The care of parquet wood floors is similar to that of hardwood floors. Cleaning with a microfiber mop daily will help keep the floor clean and stain-free. You can also use a wood floor cleaner once a month. Do not use any waxes or polishes on parquet wood flooring, as it can cause it to become slippery. In addition, you should not steam mop it, as this can drive moisture deep into the wooden floor.


Parquet wooden floors can be either solid or engineered. The former is more expensive than the latter, but has a more authentic, traditional look. In addition to this, bamboo is a sustainable choice. It grows quickly and is not resource-intensive to harvest. This makes bamboo a great choice for floors. You can easily refinish the floor with bamboo, while maintaining a classic look.