There are lots of reasons because of which people want to leave their jobs and want to establish their business. In this 21st century where the access to everything has become way easier than before because of the internet. India being the fast-growing developing country is more likely to achieve a tag of a developed country if this trend of setting new businesses continues. Everything has become possible because of the online sites that make the entrepreneur introduce to different investors in India for startups. Through these become possible to arrange funds from different investors worldwide. The investors available on the site has the full potential and willingness to offer seed funding for startups in India

To earn more

In every job, we get some amount of money that helps us with our survival but we have to be restricted when it comes to expenditure.  We can buy every single thing we see in our daily lives and wish to buy. We need to wait for the salary to come and have to balance between our savings and expenditure. But when it comes to business we daily get income for the work or service we provide. An employee earns an active income but a successful business earns a passive income. In simple words, an employee earns according to the service he has provided but the business earns without even working for months because the income that generates is the work of employees under him. 

To  establish a constant source of income

As mentioned above business creates an opportunity to earn daily. Because the concept of business revolves around selling and purchasing that depends upon the concept of demand and supply. But of course, the selling price must be more than the capital invested otherwise that income will not be having any worth. Successful businessmen are always experts in the concept of demand and supply in the market. And they also don’t have to depend upon his work for the daily become because the selling and purchasing process is a never-ending process that takes place by the employee under his supervision. 

To make a reputed position in society 

Every person wants to have a reputed position in society. But only a few of the people come in light. Being an employee a person always has to be in control of the authority over him.  Whereas the employer gets the utmost respect and is well reputed among his team in the company and outside his company as well. 

To upgrade  the living standard

Rather than overdosing the saving amount, many of the employees switch to business to invest those saved pennies, so that in return he earns the multiplied money in the end and can afford a better living standard than before. Being an employee we save money throughout our lives to purchase something or for emergencies.

To create fair opportunities for everyone

Many people with ample funds establish their businesses to create job opportunities in society. People aim to establish fair opportunities in the workplace with the non-bias decisions and selection between the workforce. Businessmen provide equal opportunities and rights and aim to offer the right income according to the work they offer to the company.  

To bring new ideas and commodities to the world 

Being in the manufacturing and service sector, many people get the concept of market competition and the theory of demand and supply. With their experience and knowledge, they start their own business rather than working for other businesses. To meet and to earn more than the expected cost business comes with new ideas and commodities. That the market has never offered its customers before and the commodity must have giant utility to the customers. Many people with a unique idea and good knowledge about the market jump into starting up. Their business and have proven to be very successful in life. 

To make a wide relation with the people and community across the world. 

With widespread Liberalisation, Privatization, and Globalization most of the economies of the world have launched great opportunities for the people who want to start their business. Many employees who have worked abroad and covered the different business. Hubs of the country or world has a good reach with the people and their choices over there. With the help of LPG, they establish their business and start trading their products worldwide. Having a good reach with the population of different regions. It becomes easier for the entrepreneur to increase the customer base worldwide. 

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