One should not feel annoyed if someone asks for a Diwali allowance. Everyone wants some extra money on Diwali to celebrate this festival, and people who do not have any savings can demand Diwali allowances only. The universe is round, and what we give to others, we can get the same in return. Therefore, if we make others happy, we can get happiness in return, which means we can also benefit from our supervisors or employers. Most companies give gifts and extra benefits to its workers and employees. 

Bonus to domestic workers 

People who do domestic services in your house. Women who clean your house, wash your clothes and help in kitchen work. Gardner, who takes care of plants and water them. The person who washes your car regularly. These poor people should be delighted with some bonus on Diwali. New clothes and shoes can be granted to them. Sweets and fruits are usually offered to them by others. Especially, wealthy people should please their domestic helpers on Diwali. 

Charity or donations 

Poor people who come to your door and ask for Diwali allowances like beggars should be granted some money and delights. Sweets can be offered to them as these are considered auspicious to give on occasions like Diwali, according to Indian culture. You should also visit old ages and orphanages to provide donations for getting the blessing of these poor people on this important day. 

Remittance to other workers 

Some other servicepersons like the one who protects your house like a security guard, who takes your garbage like a trashman and cleans your locality. You should give some extra payments to them as well so that they can enjoy their Diwali.

Give special treatment to your parents 

 Parents sacrifice their wishes for fulfilling the desires of their children. They even forget their dreams. Find out any unfulfilled dream or want of your parents and give them a surprise gift like travel cards of any place which can make them feel special. With this kind of surprise, they will be in seventh heaven and will feel important. You can make them realize their importance to you and how much you care for them. Holding a surprise party for them would also be a good option. 

Surprise your siblings 

You may fight with your sibling a lot, but these are the ones who will stand for you and will take your side when you face any difficulty. You can share your thoughts and feelings with them, which you cannot communicate with your parents and friends. They can also be our friends. Elder brothers and sisters can even sometimes better guide us in studies and choosing the right career options. You can show your love and care to them by surprising them with their favorite things, and these could be any gadget, any piece of clothing, any jewelry, or any pair of shoes. You can Send Diwali Gifts for family, to your brothers and sisters living in foreign countries, as many young Indians live in foreign nations like Canada, Australia, and the USA. 

Grants to grandparents

When everyone gets busy studying or doing jobs, these people feel like being left alone because they are retired. Some of them are weak because of their age, and as a result, they usually remain free. They are the ones who can give you better advice due to having a lot of experience. You can then pay a surprise visit to their house and offer them gifts. They would be happy if you can spend quality time with them.  

Please your guests 

Indians usually do deep cleaning of their houses several days before Diwali, which means they clean every nook and corner of their homes. Some of them even get their homes whitewashed or painted, which makes their home look more alluring. Decorations and lights add to the beauty of the place. All these things are done to show them to guests, and guests are generally welcomed by offering sweets and fruits. If the daughter or son of someone has recently got married, they do their best to please the in-laws family. Some people throw parties to please the guests. If you are so busy with preparations and do not have time to visit the market,