As an introduction, I must recall here what a coach and coaching are. This notion is developed in more detail in other pages of wellness coaching. A coach is a partner for success, on an equal footing in the coach-coachee relationship. He is a facilitator, a motivator, a potential liberator, a mirror, a talent revealer.

On the other hand, he is not: a friend, a counselor, a consultant, a doctor, a trainer, a psychotherapist, a boss. His role is, through powerful but always benevolent and non-judgmental questioning and active listening with the sincere intention to understand, to * discover and clarify what the client wishes to accomplish, to establish a contract based on a measurable objective and dated, with results indicators. * help the client to identify his motivations, his strategies, and his skills. * show the customer all the options available to him. * confront the client with his commitments and his problematic, reframe him if necessary  * help the client to reveal all the options available to him. *help the client produce their own solutions and strategies.

Responsibilities of a health coach

The coach is responsible for the framework and the method. The coachee is responsible for the content. He is solely responsible – like each of us – for the results he obtains. It must be mobilized and fully commit to acting, to do, and to enter into the process.

I also remind you here that coaching is a relationship followed over a defined period, which allows the coachee to obtain concrete and measurable results in his professional and/or personal life. It is also a relationship, a bond of trust that is established between the coach and the coachee. Coaching can be practiced face to face, by phone, in e-coaching, or in group sessions. The sessions can be accompanied by written exchanges by e-mail or SMS, especially when the coachee communicates the results he obtained during a decisive step for him.

The specificity of coaching compared to other therapies, is the passage to action.

Why undertake Wellness Coaching?

The goal of Wellness Coaching or Health and Wellness Coach is to enable a person to develop a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, in which he feels good about himself, is in good health, has abundant life energy, and has a deep sense of leading a rich and meaningful life. Or to bring the coachee towards better well-being.

Wellness coaching is a multi-dimensional approach that addresses the whole person, a holistic approach. Its seven components are:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Professional
  • Spiritual
  • Environmental

In the illness/well-being continuum, the goal of Wellness Coaching is to move towards well-being, whatever the starting situation.

It is important to note that Wellness Coaching does not gear towards the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, which is the doctor’s own. He is interested in the non-medical dimension of health. Its purpose is more to help individuals achieve the highest possible level of health and well-being. The Wellness approach is based on a constant process of personal evolution in which a person decides to take charge of himself and to give himself the means to set up a lifestyle that suits him better and in which he takes care of his health. , its vitality and its development.

2- People who are not sick but who take the path through their lifestyle

We will talk here about weight problems, smoking, alcohol, hypertension, sedentary lifestyle, sleep disorders, stress, etc. Either for people who want help and support to * Lean and stay slim, * Eat mindfully * Stop smoking * Stop (bad) sugar * Resume regular physical activity * Manage stress * Increase their vital energy, etc. . * Manage burnout, find meaning * Meaning and spirituality at the philosophical level, meaning of life and how to approach it to take good care of yourself whether or not you are sick * Help end-of-life support and / or mourning.

3- People who are doing well and who want to do what it takes to keep it going.

Like Chinese medicine, where you go to see the doctor when you are well and follow the adage:   “Prevention is better than cure.” That is to say, all those who are in the process of prevention and who have to understand the interest that there is to take care of their health and their vitality. To take a full assessment of all areas of his life and act on the results.

Wellness Coach certified

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