Becoming an SBI Probationary Officer is a dream for many. The State Bank of India conducts examinations all across India in search of the best possible candidates for this position. 

Ideally, candidates should prepare for a year before attempting the exam as they need to have a good knowledge of current affairs along with the rigorous practice for the Logical Reasoning as well as the Quantitative Aptitude sections.

However, if you have decided to appear for the exam right now and have only a month left for preparation, you can still have a shot at clearing the preliminary exam for the SBI PO. After which you will need to do laborious studies to study for the Main Examination.

Right now let us focus on clearing the preliminary exam in only a month with these tips:

  • Prepare yourself for the exam

This means you need to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically to give your 100% in the next one month. Also, make sure that you keep everything you will need for the exam ready beforehand. This way you are not looking for them a day before the exam and can focus on your revision completely. This includes all the stationery, documents, and admit cards. The admit card will be released 10-15 days prior to the preliminary exam. For more details on the admit card, visit this website.

  • Make a timetable

The next crucial step is to go through the exam pattern and the syllabus of the exam. Survey the syllabus to see what areas you are strong in and which ones will need more studying. Go through these along with the weightage of each topic provided in the syllabus and make a timetable for the next one month. This timetable should include daily 7-8 hours of study sessions along with 2-3 hours dedicated to mock tests. Within the 7-8 hours dedicated to studying make sure to include a 15-minute break after every 45 minutes or so. Do not exceed the break more than the designated duration.

  • Work on your practice

The SBI PO exam is a timed affair and you will need to have the correct practice to be able to solve all the questions in the given time. This can only be achieved if you have the practice to read the questions fast and work out their solutions swiftly. Hence, this one month must be dedicated to a lot of practice aimed at increasing your solving speed for the exam.

  • Improve your basics

Another important aspect of having a quick speed for solving questions is your familiarity with fundamental mathematical basics. These include basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, cube roots, cubes, square, square roots, fractions, ratios, percentages, etc. You must know the formulas,  tips, and tricks of all these operations so that you avoid wasting any precious time during the exam. Remember, there is negative making in the exam and so you cannot afford any half-witted guesses or wring answers.

  • Stick to the syllabus

With one month left for the exam, you need to strictly focus on the syllabus and not waste time on any additional resources. The best way to do this is to go through sample papers and previous years’ question papers for the SBI PO exam. these will give you the ideal questions that you must practice for the exam.

  • Time yourself during preparation

The importance of time management during the SBI PO exam cannot be stressed enough. You will get 1 hour to solve 100 questions during the exam. Needless to say, you should have the lightning speed to go through all these questions in the set 1 hour time. So when you are preparing for the exam, solving puzzles or questions from the Quantitative Aptitude section, time yourself and see how much time does solve one puzzle takes.  If this is too much, practice and aim to reduce your timing with each passing day. Noting down these timings in a separate book will help you to track your progress every day.

  • Take daily mock tests

Mock tests must be given special consideration with only 30 days left for the exam. SBI PO exams are all about speed and accuracy. The exam also extensively tests your presence of mind in the Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude section. Another important section that you cannot neglect is the English language section as many students find this section tricky. Therefore the best way to practice this question is to take SBI PO mock tests. There is no way you can improve your language skills by reading books in just one month. Thus, the ideal way given the time constraint is to understand the kind of questions asked in the SBI PO exam and try to master them through mock tests.

  • Analyze the mock tests minutely

Mock tests are only as useful as you make them be. If you go on giving mock tests and do not analyze them carefully, you are wasting your time by giving yourself the false notion that you have practiced enough with the mock tests. The ideal way to give mock tests is as follows:

  1. Choose the time ideal time. Lookup the time when the actual exam will be taken and give your mock tests daily in that time. 
  2. Do not pause a mock test in between. Give it like an actual exam with no distraction or breaks.
  3. Plan an exam strategy through the mock test you give. This will include attempting the questions you are sure of first, not attempting questions you do not have the answer to, and moving swiftly from one question to another.
  4. The last and the most important part of practicing through the mock test is to scrutinize your performance based on the answers you gave and the time you took. Go through the answers and see what conceptual understanding you lacked in the wrong answers and work on it.
  • Utilize breaks

The breaks mentioned in your timetable must be used for eating, relaxing, and reading the newspaper so that you prepare simultaneously for the main exam’s General Awareness section.

  • Stay focused

Since a month of preparation requires, extensive hard work, prepare yourself to stay focused and get rid of all the distractions that come in the way of your preparation.

Cracking the SBI PO preliminary exam in one month is not an impossible task if you have the determination and the correct strategy to do so. So persevere and you will most certainly be able to pass the exam with a month of preparation.