The stigma that tend to surround the mental health issue is seemingly squandering. People have recognized, identified the need to discuss the mental health issues. Not only that authorities but the organization are also now working side by side in formulating policies to ensure the public’s access to mental health facilities.

In the days of yore, the lack of awareness and initiatives towards the mental health issues have resulted in various sociological problems. Reflecting over the historical event, Russian Revolution the considerable social upheaval disrupted the entire social order of the Russian society. People experienced the total loss of the institutions and underwent the feeling of anomie.

This particular term ‘’Anomie’’ was highlighted by the sociologist Emile Durkheim who keenly studied and concluded his study upon the rising rate of suicides.

Every now and then the mental health issues have been the underlying reason of various social issues but the institutions would forge ahead even without recognizing this cause of the problem.

All thanks to the emerging era of awareness where people are not putting forth their concerns regarding the mental health issues but numerous organizations and especially a huge part of youth have been actively involved assisting in countering these issues.

Recognizing the urgency to discuss and resolve this particular issue, united nations have also included the Mental Well-Being in the sustainable development goal urging countries to promptly respond and work for the resolution of mental well-being and achieve the required goals before the year 2030.

Summing up the importance of mental well-being from the above, we sure got an understanding about the importance of it.

Mental Well-Being is the product of certain elements i.e. biological, social, environmental factors tend to impact the mental well-being.

Among these elements the environmental factors is considered to have a profound impact on the mental well-being.

Healthy environment breeds a healthy personality, so it’s crucial to sustain the healthy environment around us.

Pondering over the environment in the workplace, it is immensely important to sustain and promote a healthy environment in the workplace, since an inefficient or a toxic environment is capable enough to influence the employee’s productivity and efficiency.

Inefficient mental health impact the proficiency level of an individual, a person can deliver the result as he or she is supposed to.

There are copious ways through which we can maintain and promote mental health in the workplace, let’s get insight into the effective ways of promoting the mental well-being.

Tips to Promote Mental-Well Being in the Workplace:

  1. Promotion of Communication Skills:

Communication is the key for the resolution of problems. Often business and offices doesn’t appreciate the culture of communication but it is through communication the organizations attain the trust and loyalty of their employees.

Whether, it is the issue they are facing within the office premises or the personal, family problems, your employee’s should have a safer space where they could interact and discuss their queries without having to worry over the reactions or responses.

  1. Recognition of Strengths and Abilities:

Companies often disregards or undermine the power of appreciation. The continuous ranting from the bosses can never result in the fruitful result from your employee but a word of appreciation can do a lot more than you think it can.

Your employees are the integral part of your business or organization and it is immensely important to assure that their skills and abilities are getting recognized or not.

Respect their delivered work and recognize their efforts they put in and you sure will experience the rise in proficiency level of your employee.

Set some incentives and make sure the organization’s managers responsible to evaluate an employee’s performance doesn’t hold biases against them.

Holding a grudge or biases against the employee stresses out the employees, Hence there should be a proper check and balance system to maintain and regulate a system to ensure that are no or any kind of prejudice existing within the workplace environment.

  1. Say no to Competitions:

Encouraging a competitive environment within the office is a biggest mistake the leaders often commit. By building a competitive environment among the employers can spark the self-esteem issues and low self-confidence, the employers might doubt their own credibility by comparing their selves to their fellow employees.

Every individual has their own capacity in which they perform their task, accomplish it.

Hence, holding a competition is never a good idea and should strictly be discouraged.




  1. Take Small Breaks:

Breaks are essential to regain energy. Overload of work and assignments can do or bring no good to one’s work and productivity. However, it is essential the employees should take and value the small breaks.

Take a small break, listen to some music or read an article or any short piece of writing. And if you aren’t feeling like doing any of them just take a break for a while to get easy and regain your mental energy as it is sure a fact that working under pressure isn’t easy for students as it seems.

  1. Flexibility:

Don’t be so hard towards your employees, provide them the flexibility when needed. Flexibility at workplace enables the employees to effectively manage the tasks that lies ahead of them and maintain a balance between work and personal life.

Parting Shot:

Your employees are responsible to run your business or organization successfully. If you want your businesses to flourish or thrive in this competitive era the foremost task that lies ahead of you is to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees. The tips discussed above are the ones that can suitably be applied and can be maintained in the workplace environment.
Value your employers and set yourself on the path of success.

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