The list of well-reputed and highly trusted agents that provides an instant personal loan in Kolkata and many other parts of the country is never-ending. When faced with a financial emergency, a Personal loan is your solution in such a situation. They are a well-known option when you need some extra money in hand. You can apply for a personal loan from any part of the country as a large number of banks, and the financial institution provides this facility.

A personal loan basically is an unsecured loan provided by a number of banks and other financial institutions for which you don’t have to mortgage any security as collateral as compared to a house loan and others. Applying the process of personal loan is very direct, and that does not involve many formalities. The documents required are minimal in case of a personal loan, and the loan is disbursed very quickly. Overall it is a hassle-free process. The credit score is one of the key factors that help the lender to decide whether to sanction the loan or not. A good credit score goes a long way. provides fast and easy loans online through a simple, hassle-free process.

A personal loan is different from other loans in the sense that there is no restriction on their use. The loan amount can be put a number of uses and banks play no role in monitoring the use. Hence you are free to use the loan amount. The various purposes for which personal loan could be put to use are:

  • Financing Higher Education: Every parent wishes for the best education for their children but not everyone can afford it. Education is expensive, but this situation can be rectifying by financing it through a personal loan. The added benefit of using this loan is that it does not put any restriction on their use when compared to traditional education loans.
  • Business Expansion: Expanding your business is a quite costly affair in today’s time. One has to consider many things before going for expansion. Personal loans are suitable for this purpose as they are easily available and with no collateral. This relieves people from a lot of stress.
  • Medical emergency: One might be dealing with a sudden medical emergency in their family and are in dire need of funds in a short period. Then a personal loan comes in handy in such a situation. It provides you with the required fund with the least formalities. Medical emergency creates distress in one’s life and a personal loan is a rescue for such a situation.
  • Dealing with credit card dues: Lots of people have started dealing with credit card dues with the help of a personal loan. This is because the interest rates charged on personal loans are lower as compared to credit cards.
  • Buying Appliance: Everyone wishes to have new and modern gadgets for them and their family. But the price of these gadgets and appliances are quite high which makes it impossible for many to buy them. In such situations, people turn to personal loans as it makes them affordable.

It is clear that personal loans can serve many purposes and there is a number of personal loan in Kolkata agents and other parts that can serve your needs.