If you are a small or medium-scale business owner, you must be aware of the features and QuickBooks unrecoverable error benefits that QuickBooks provide to you. It is one of the most sought-after accounting software, one that does all the financial tasks well. QuickBooks tends to speed up your business by handling most of the big responsibilities like payroll, tax, reporting, etc.

Although the payment option in the software has benefitted both the business owner and the client to make great use of the software. There are more things one can expect from it like getting a record of credit and debit card transactions.

With that, you are an avid QuickBooks user that uses a credit card for business work. You might encounter some problems for same when you use or download a credit card. These are unrecoverable errors that pop on your screen and affect you from using the software easily. If this is the case going on with you, you are experiencing a ‘critical application fault’.

What is an unrecoverable error in QuickBooks?

  1. If you are using the QuickBooks payment feature to smooth up your payment process. Or in case you are using a credit card to make certain payments and downloading the credit card details.
  2. Chances are, you might sometimes face such an error that gets unrecoverable. This kind of error will be popped up on your screen on its own and you will have a very hard time getting rid of it.
  3. While you use the payment feature, the accounting software simply crashes for no good.
  4. This unrecoverable error troubles you when you use the Banking menu in your software to process the payments.
  5. The unrecoverable error might be displayed multiple times and you are unsure what is to be done in such scenarios.

What are some of the situations when a QuickBooks unrecoverable Error Occurs?

There can be a number of situations wherein you may witness the error appearing on the screen. You are unsure how to get rid of it, and why does it occur so many times. Here are possible reasons for the same.

  • Trying to access, open or even start a company file
  • Closing the company file
  • When you are creating a backup of your company file or even creating a portable file
  • Downloading your payroll detail
  • Upgrading and updating your payroll
  • Downloading credit card details
  • Opening your payment system
  • Saving the record or transaction
  • Closing any of the QuickBooks company files

How to Fix the Error?


  1. Make sure you are accessing the latest version of your Internet Explorer in the web browsing system
  2. Now, you need to understand here that Intuit has stopped supporting the older version of Internet Explorer so be prepared
  3. Once you are sure you are using the latest version of the software, move ahead and clear your history and cache.
  4. Now access your QuickBooks, if you still see the error message on the screen, proceed to the next method.


  1. In the second method, you will be required to navigate to the advanced tab to explore your Internet option.
  2. Now, click on the restore advanced setting option.
  3. Though this is again one of the steps recommended to you by the support staff by Intuit it doesn’t provide you any guarantee for an issue to be resolved
  4. Move ahead with the next method if this too doesn’t work


  1. You will be required to use the Rebuild data functions from the Utility menu
  2. If you are using the desktop to store your information about your credit card details or even social security number
  3. This method might not fit well in the cases mentioned above


  1. You will be required to repair the program
  2. Navigate to your QuickBooks program situated in the Program feature section of your Window control panel
  3. Click or tap for Uninstalling or changing the link and then choose the option Repair
  4. Your process for repairing the software’s issue will proceed so you can expect features and settings to change too
  5. This method for resolving the issue of unrecoverable error will be resolved, however, it will take ample time.
  6. During this method, you will be shown various errors on the screen, it is best you ignore the message and do not consider it.


  1. While you open and create a company in your QuickBooks, you need to confirm whether the QuickBooks file is corrupted or not?
  2. If the sample file works well, the problem then lies in the company file that you are wishing to access
  3. If it doesn’t work then the problem is with the appliance
  4. From QuickBooks no company Open window, you can select the ‘Open sample file

You can contact +1 267-857-9587 to get rid of the problems by asking the support team and enjoy using the software with ease. You can also gain a knowledgeable guide on using the software through  CPA DESK for reference in the articles.


There are ample ways that can help you get rid of QuickBooks unrecoverable error. Remember, the kind of error that pops on your screen can affect you from using the software with ease. Therefore, you have to be a bit practical and make the most out of it. Choose the resolving method above, any one of them will give you the outcome. Don’t let the error disrupt your business’s daily functions when you can make the most.