One of the finest software in the internet security industry is McAfee. The brand offers effective and efficient services to its users. As it is one of the leading antivirus companies in this market, which is reliable and claims to protect your device from virus threats. Although sometimes, users find difficulties in completing the setup of the software. However, some users complete the setup process but encounter McAfee antivirus not working problem. All these issues occur because of improper setup, so you need to know how to complete the McAfee account setup correctly. However, some issues occur because of other reasons too, so to help you with all this, we have enlisted some of the

Troubleshoot McAfee Antivirus not Working

We have a gamut of approaches that will help you to resolve the issue. Below we discussed two best methods that you should use to get rid of it. You just need to follow the steps and instructions as given, and that’s all.

  • The very first thing that you must do is to delete or uninstall all other antivirus if you have it on your device. Keeping multiple antiviruses can lead to conflicts and eventually end up not working. Check the program files and drives of your device and delete it.
  • The second approach you can follow is to go to your internet explorer and click on the tools. From the internet, options go to the advanced tab and click on reset and click on OK.
  • After completing the above process, you need to close all the programs and restart your device.
  • Now check your antivirus by performing a scan.

Usually, this simple process helps to resolve the issue, but in case it doesn’t help, then try restarting your computer in safe mode. For this, you just need to restart your computer and press F8. Now from the advanced boot menu, you can choose safe mode. Now check your McAfee software is working properly or not.

If all these fail to resolve the issue, we have a second approach for you. Follow the below-given steps and instructions as stated and complete the process.

  • You need to restart your device and then download the McAfee removal tool.
  • Use this tool to uninstall the antivirus and check that you don’t have any other security software installed on your device. Using other security software along with McAfee antivirus can lead to conflicts and eventually to other related issues.
  • After this, you should restart your device again and then install the antivirus (Below installation steps are given). Check for the version of the antivirus, download the updated version of the software using the internet.
  • As the download finishes, you can begin with the installation process.
  • Now after completing the installation, again restart the system and check for the antivirus working properly or not.

This approach will not only help to resolve McAfee account setup issues but also resolve the McAfee antivirus not working problem. So, if you don’t know how to install the software and complete the setup, then follow the below section and complete the process.

McAfee Setup Guide

The setup guide is quite simple and includes some common steps. It starts by downloading the software and then installing it on your device to use. Below we have listed the steps that will help you in the process; check them out.

  • Go to the official website and download antivirus; after that, load the software as per the instructions given by McAfee.
  • Now go to the control panel of your device and head over to the add and remove the program option.
  • Now run the setup for installation and click on Next; remember, before installing the software, download the installation file on your device.
  • Here you need to wait for some minutes to begin the installation process.
  • After completing the installation, click on Finish, and the software is activated now.

This is the simple process that you can use for McAfee account setup. If you are stuck with any issue, then try repeating the steps.