Through this post, we would know how to resolve the QuickBooks Online Error 101. You all occasionally error code when you would be trying to import financial transactions into QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online Error is called banking error when you try to import financial transaction please be careful during transaction time.  The different kinds of errors may not the same but for many errors, these steps are going to fix the error for you. But I want to first to tell about the Cause & symptoms QuickBooks Support .

Causes of the QuickBooks  Online Error 101

While you trying to connect the bank website with QuickBooks you can face QuickBooks error 101.

  1.  Internet Speed is not good.

  2. If you install the outdated. Netframework, ActiveX on windows.

  3. Blocking of a security application in QuickBooks.

  4. If delete some important files.

  5. Your QuickBooks is damaged this is also causing for this error.

  6. The QuickBooks affected by the Malware or virus attack.

  7. Bank server is not good.

A solution to Resolve Quickbooks Error 101

The following steps are given below to resolve the problem of  QuickBooks Online error 101 one by one.

Solution 1

  1. Go for the left menu, click on Banking

  2. Unselect the unnecessary account, if you want to update some of your accounts. When you selected bank it’s indicated blue, if a grey symbol is showing it’s means unselected.

  3. Go for an upper right corner then click on the update button.

  4. When your update is completed then you will receive notification for successful and if unsuccessful you will get a message. After a successful update, you can see the last update and the total number of transaction have changed.

 Solution 2

  1. From the left navigation  menu click on Banking

  2. Select the Add Account at the top right of Banking screen.

  3. Search the name of financial institution.

  4.  Then Click on  the Bank

  5. Click on the link at the top of the window for the bank site.

Solution 3 

  1. Please chose the navigation bar and click on Transaction and select bank.

  2. You should click on Add Account in the upper right

  3. To select your bank account and follow the onscreen instruction. 

Solution 4
  1. Check the Internet connection  your system is connected or not

  2. Open any browser and check Internet connection or server

  3. You should update from Internet explorer after you check your internet connection is good.

  4. Set the internet as a default browser.

Solution 5
  1. Create a new folder of the company file.

  2. Click on the icon or start button in your system and click on the QuickBooks software.

  3. Search for the QuickBooks data server manager and verify with the new folder.

  4. Scan the file and shut down your system

  5. Reconfigure the QuickBooks and internet connection

  6.  First, open your internet explorer browser on PC

  7. Go for the ‘’Help’’ menu and select the internet connection setup.

  8. Now you select to use my computer’s internet connection setting

  9. Click on the next and hit “Done” to start the process.

  10. In the end, you have to rest the QuickBooks update with no hassle.

Solution 6

      Go through the beneath instruction to do it:

  1. Under the advanced tab scroll down to reach ‘’ TLS 1.2 ‘’ and ensured it is check marked.

  2. Do not save the Encrypted page to Disk and uncheck this option.

  3. After that tap ‘’ Apply” and then hit ‘’OK”  to save the changes 

This information will help your QuickBooks Error 101 problem. When you will go for banking translation then you have to check every possible thing. All solution to help to set up in an easy way. If you are not able to resolve the problem then you do not try too many times you can call the customer care. QuickBooks Customer Service will help you.