A child’s birth is one of the most wonderful things in nature. This process is responsible for carrying forward future generations. This spiritual and emotional journey has two major stages, i.e., Pre-natal and postnatal. The medical field that deals or concentrates on phases like pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum is called obstetrics. These are the three main phases that require adequate care and precautions for the smooth process of childbirth.

A doctor who continuously monitors the progress of the pregnancy, handles, and deals with the emergencies and complications, and takes care of the patient throughout all three phases is called an obstetric.

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The obstetric does the following functions during the pregnancy:

  • She monitors the progress of the health of both mother and baby. She undertakes the following routine tests like ultrasound, measurements, and other tests.
  • She also keeps checking on health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, genetic disorders, infections, etc. these health conditions can have a severe impact on the pregnancy and baby’s health.
  • She also advises the mother about the diet, medicines, exercises, etc., to keep her healthy throughout and after the whole process of childbirth.
  • She recommends and assists the mother to cope up with problems like morning sickness, leg and back pain, heartburns, and other problems.
  • She also gives the mother answers about pregnancy and child-related questions.
  • She explains to the mother the whole process of labor and delivery.

The obstetric plays the following roles before, during, and after pregnancy:

  • The obstetric and other nurses, midwives, physicians, and other medical professionals, will provide you all the care. The mother will get to see this whole team whenever she visits the hospital for a regular checkup.
  • She will also recommend the mother and the father-to-be to attend all the pregnancy, childbirth education classes.
  • On the day of childbirth, the whole team of nurses and labor coaches will help the mother throughout the phase of labor. The obstetric will assess the progress and delivers the baby when the right time comes.

These are the key roles played by the obstetric during the three important phases of childbirth.

So, this whole process requires the highest standard of care and treatment for both the mother and the baby. Right from the beginning of the pregnancy to the postpartum, the mother and the baby require continuous monitoring of the whole process for the safe delivery of the child.

Nothing is more beautiful than a mother holding her baby for the first time. It not only brings happiness to the family but to everyone whose efforts have been put into for the safe delivery of the child. So, for the safe execution of the whole process, the mother and the child need extra care and assistance from the best obstetrics. People should look for the best Gynecologist and Obstetrician in the best maternity hospitals in Hyderabad for the safest experience of heavenly childbirth.