The message for the day: If you have recently completed the Rehab treatment program, and are worried about falling into the trap of drugs or alcohol again after returning home, look for  a sober living near me  house. The house is not just any house, it’s a place where people who are trying to solve their drug or alcohol abuse can live together in ways that are more supportive than what they may get at home or on their own. Residents and staff work together as a team to provide each other with the guidance and support needed to successfully live in sobriety.

The Sober Living  House Rules:

If you have recently completed the treatment program in drug rehab Austin TX, and joined the sober living facility, read out the rules and regulations below that you are supposed to follow.

  1. You must be employed or going to school full-time. If not, you need to find some sort of program to keep you busy (job search, vocational training, AA/NA, counseling). If you are not working or in school at least 16 hours a week, you should not live in a sober living house. Those who work fewer than 16 hours a week often have a hard time staying clean and sober when they don’t have the structure that comes from working full-time. Work or school is a fun job for most people; it makes them feel good about themselves and builds their self-esteem.
  2. You must come home every night at a reasonable hour. It is best if you arrive at the sober living house by 10:00 PM, so you have time to do homework, wind down, and get to bed by 11:00 PM. Any other hours need to be approved in advance by staff.
  3. If you don’t like the rules, leave or find someplace else to live. The rules are necessary to ensure that everyone has a safe and sober place to live, so it’s better if people don’t live here who won’t follow them.
  4. You must clear up after yourself. No matter how messy you make your place, you will be asked to clean up after yourself.
  5. There are no outside guests at the house; if you want company, go elsewhere! People who live in sober living houses are considered guests of the house and must abide by the rules of all other guest members. Also, just because the house isn’t like your home doesn’t give you permission to let strangers (usually older men) come over and crash on your couch or take over your kitchen whenever they feel like it!

These are some common rules that a person needs to follow while staying in the sober living facility after completing the drug detox Austin TX treatment program. It is important to follow the rules and regulations while staying in the sober living facility. It will help you to learn how to live independently when you get back home.