Gel blasters guns are gel guns that use water beads as bullets. The motor of the gel blaster is made of metal while other parts are made of plastic. Using such realistic toys is fun for children and many games are played with this tool. Yes, it is a safe gel gun and it is safer than other guns but still, it should be used carefully.

Whilst Gel Blaster toys can be harmless, it is important to take care when handling them. Despite the fact they are toys, it is best practice to treat them the same way you would treat a real firearm, to stay safe. Treat every blaster as if its loaded and ready to fire. Don’t assume every blaster is on safe, and okay to muck around with. 

We’ve seen people playfully pull triggers outside of games, showing off, etc. not realising that the blaster is actually ready to fire. The safety might be off, or faulty. There may still be a battery connected. A gel may still be sitting in the chamber. This is a recipe for eye injuries.

Do not ever brandish your blaster in public. There is no genuine reason to display your blaster in public. While you know it is a toy, the general public has no idea. Members of the public will call the police if they see anyone brandishing weapons. This is a completely reasonable response.
Don’t play in your front yard, in the street, or in public spaces. Play on dedicated fields (you can find a list on our weekly updates). If your backyard is visible to the public, don’t play there either.

Breaking this rule has massive consequences. You will face an armed police response, and you will face charges for weapons-related offences. If you’re intending on doing some back-yard blasting, use some common sense and think about the space outside of where you’re shooting. If you have targets on the back fence, what happens if you miss? Are you going to be hurling gels into your neighbour’s yard? Are there people nearby who are not involved, or are not wearing safety gear?

Where can it be used?

Although gel guns are not real ones, you need approval depending on where you are using them. For private use, like at home, you don’t need any approval but for commercial use, for indoor or outdoor sports, you need approval from the council via the application.

Also, it is advised not to display any game or skirmish event through any social account. So, anyone can use it but you have to take care of the place where you are using it.

Parts of gel blasters

The parts of gel blasters are internal and external. Different gel blasters have different shapes and designs so they are all different in their internal and external parts. The external parts are mostly made of plastic but they can be metal as well. These parts can be upgraded and changed in case of damage. If a part of the toy gun is damaged there is no need to discard it and buy a new one but you can also buy the defective part. Various shops sell different parts like if you want a fishbone, handle or magazine you can get them separately. Like if you want an MP5 gel blaster upgrades at Tactical Edge Hobbies or magazine of any other model you can get it and fix it in your gel gun.

Understanding gel blasters

The working of gel blasters is simple and it differs depending upon the price, type, and quality of that gel blaster. It has a motor from which the gel ball is projected. The internal parts like motor and external parts like magazine or handle can be upgraded and that can result in increasing the efficiency of your tool.

Like normally the gel balls are projected around 7-8 mm in diameter but some advanced blasters shoot gel pellets around 12 to 13 mm in diameter. Well, those who have used it know a lot more interesting features of it and the games that can be played with it.

Is gel blaster legal or illegal?

Gel blasters are thought to be illegal because they look like real guns but they are legal. But it is advised to not use or carry it in public places and as already stated sometimes the permission from the council is also necessary. Unlike airsoft guns that are illegal in some parts, gel blasters are safe to use.


Gel blasters use water-soaked gel balls that don’t make much mess, unlike plastic balls that are not environment friendly. Gel blasters are used by many individuals nowadays. Though these guns are not welcomed everywhere they are safe to use. You just have to take some precautions and you can have fun while using it.