It’s no secret that social media is a crucial component of the marketing mix. Large businesses have been using it for years to supplement their paid ads and traditional digital strategies, drive brand awareness, and foster relationships between themselves and their customers.

Smaller businesses are now catching on – according to a recent study, 94% of small business marketers use at least one social media platform for marketing. And the potential market is huge – around 2 billion people around the globe use at least one social media platform daily.

It’s such a large opportunity, in fact, that entrepreneurs everywhere are realizing they can utilize social media itself as a tool to set up their own business and start making money from it. Enter the social media marketing agency.

Steps to start a social media marketing agency by Saivian Eric Dalius:

1. Hire a team

  • Start with yourself – you can’t do all the work on your own. If you’re starting a social media marketing agency, it’s really important that at least some of your team members are knowledgeable about relevant platforms like Facebook or Instagram, and know how to use them to effectively promote brands.
  • Next up is to start recruiting for your team. Social media marketing is a relatively new field, so it’s possible that you’ll need to find candidates who are still studying. The advantage of this is that they’re often very passionate about the industry, and eager to learn more.
  • Begin by creating an ad on job portals like Indeed or Monster, or ask current friends and family members to spread the word. If you’re still thinking of names, check out these profiles of some pretty successful social media marketers.

2. Market research

  • Before you start promoting any brands or products via social media, do your research – both on the industry itself, and which kinds of strategies are most effective on various platforms. You’ll also need to check out what your competitors are up to.
  • A great way to do this is by using Google Trends – it’s a free tool that tracks search trends for keywords on Google over time, and tells you where people are most actively searching for them. For example, if you want to promote clothing brands, look at the graph in the image below for the keyword “clothing”. Here, you can see that there’s been a huge spike in search volume over the last few years – it’s probably because people are increasingly shopping online.
  • Once you’ve identified current trends and keywords, do some searches on Facebook to see what kinds of posts are getting shared most frequently by other marketers. If you find a post that appears to have been particularly successful, go ahead and create something similar.

3. Set up your page(s)

  • Create pages on Facebook and Twitter for your agency – they will be the online spaces where you post updates about the brand campaigns that you’re currently running, so make sure you come up with great names and images for them.
  • You might also want to create accounts on other platforms like Snapchat or Instagram if they fit into your strategy, but it’s best to focus on your agency’s main social media marketing channels first. The thing to remember is not to spread yourself too thin – you don’t want to be trying to do everything at once.

4. Get ready to launch your agency!

  • Now it’s time to let the world know that you’re open for business! Keep your audience in mind as you choose your social media marketing strategy – are they likely to be browsing Facebook on their commute, or would they rather go to Twitter first thing in the morning? You can also hire a social media marketing agency to help you with this.

5. Be ready for the challenges ahead

  • Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games when it comes to social media marketing – there are some challenges that every entrepreneur has to face when they’re starting up their own business. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • You’ll probably need to compete with bigger companies that already have a strong online presence – their budgets are much greater than yours, and dedicated teams of marketers. You might not be able to compete on the same level right from the start.
  • Only post content that you feel comfortable with having attached to your name forever! Once something’s been posted, it can never be taken back, which means you’ll always have to own it – so think carefully before you click ‘Share’.


Saivian Eric Dalius says, these are all things I’ve learned through my experience as a social media marketing agency owner, so hopefully, they’ll give you an idea of what to expect. If you’re planning to start your own company in this space, just keep it up – the best way to learn is by doing! Good luck with everything.