Custom printed mailer boxes are one of the most popular packaging solutions out there, especially in an era when a high percentage of people are ordering online, and e-commerce businesses are witnessing exponential growth. Amidst all of this, we suggest you how to come up with the right packaging idea.

However, before we talk about the creative solutions, it’s worth shedding light on the practical aspects of the custom mailer boxes, which is something one cannot afford to ignore. Always remember that the prime function of the packaging is to keep your product intact during shipping and handling. If the packaging fails to protect your product, you cannot call it a functional solution.

When creating packaging, you also need to consider external hazards, such as neutralizing temperatures and their harmful effects on the products. It is essential to prolong the shelf life of your products.

Another essential aspect that you need to bear in mind is reducing transportation costs. The basic idea of creating custom printed mailer boxes is to have an ideal packaging that’s lightweight and handy. The lightweight and perfect-sized boxes can be easily set up on the transporting vehicles, ships, and aircraft, which drastically reduces your packaging cost.

So let’s uncover the secrets to creating the best mailer boxes.

Unusual Mailer Boxes

When it comes to mailer boxes, people often associate them with grey, plain cartons. Sure, it’s one of the most affordable options on the market, but sadly it will not be remembered by most of your customers. To make it stand out and associate with your brand requires you to relinquish traditional packaging designs. In short, you need to think outside the box to create a packaging that’s Instagram-worthy.

The first step is to develop an unconventional packaging shape or design for your custom mailer boxes. Then, adorn them with the best color imprints. Take cues from various versions of pre-made packages available at the Legacy Printing to carve an ideal packaging. Use an enticing blend of colors so even your courier can relate your brand with colorful packaging.

For instance, if your brand deal in children’s toys, entertainment-related things, or funny gadgets, try to make it more frisky with witty copy, stylish fonts, and unusual colors. This treatment may seem trivial, but it will go a long way in making your packaging pop and bringing the smile to your customer’s face. But avoid adding too many decorations because it can prove risky and deteriorate the overall customer experience.

Incorporate Printing Ideas

Another valid solution is to infuse printing ideas. These can be short texts, graphics, or both. The length of the content depends on your company’s profile. Besides this, you can always try to make some jokes. But if you are short on brilliant phrases or witty ideas, incorporating short picture stories is a surefire way to pique customers’ interests in your custom mailer boxes. After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so take advantage of the opportunity while you can.

If you don’t know a professional graphic designer, ask your packaging partner to do the job as many packaging companies in the US offer free design services to their customers. If you can find such a partner, it will save you quite a few dollars.

Customers Love Sustainable Brands

Using mailer boxes that are crafted from recycled cardboard will not only lower your overall packaging costs but also make you look good in the eyes of the eco-conscious customers. It is an excellent way to show that your company is actively taking measures to improve the environment without overlooking its customers’ needs.