If you’re wondering about who viewed your Facebook page and looking out for the possible ways of knowing the same then, let us tell you that though, there’re many websites and applications available online who claim that you can check who has viewed your Facebook page but, Facebook denies them all and stick to its stand of not allowing the users to see who viewed their profile. The reason why Facebook didn’t allow people to have a clear understanding of who looked at their profile and who didn’t is because of their official policy of privacy concerns.

However, still, there’re some users who claimed that Facebook has recently incorporated a new feature that gives you a clear picture of the fact that ‘who all viewed your Facebook profile.’ As per them, to use this comprehensive feature, the users have to perform the following three steps:

  • From your Facebook News Feed page, click on the ‘Three-horizontal lines’ in order to open Facebook’s menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, scroll down to the option of ‘Privacy Shortcuts.’
  • And, just click on the ‘Privacy Checkup’ option to know about the users who have viewed your Facebook profile.

But, as we have researched, this feature is not available for everyone as some are getting it and some are not. Therefore, it is hard to make a statement on it as of now, because no one really doesn’t know whether this is just a test by Facebook, or will this be rolled out to all the users very soon.

Now, after reading all that we’ve mentioned above, if you got confused regarding whether you can really see who views your Facebook page or not then to clear out your confusion, let us tell you that if you really want to know ‘who viewed your Facebook page’ then, fortunately, there are some ethical ways out there to know who looks at your Facebook page.  And, the same we’ve mentioned here so, without wasting any time further, let’s have a look at the possible ways of knowing who viewed your Facebook page:

Way 1: Your Facebook Friend’s List Will Help You—

  • In order to get the answer about ‘who viewed my Facebook profile,’ you need to first open the ‘Facebook Sign-in Page’ on your device.
  • Then, simply login to your Facebook account to access your Facebook page by clicking on your ‘Name’ option which is there in the upper-right corner of the ‘Facebook News Feed’ page.
  • From your Facebook page, locate the ‘Friends’ option and click on the same to open your friend’s list.
  • After doing so, try reviewing the top 20 results from it, especially those friends who’ve fewer Facebook friends.

Thus, those who have a few hundred friends on Facebook are the ones who are more likely to be viewing your Facebook profile page rather than those who’ve friends in thousands.

Other than this, if you want to know about ‘who visited my Facebook page’ other than your Facebook profile page then, try the following ways of knowing the same:

Way 2: Use Facebook Insights Feature—To get insight into the traffic of your Facebook business and fan pages, use Insight that aims to tell you about the exact number of people who’ve done the followings— ‘Like your pages, see your posts and even clicked on them.’ So, use Insight from the Facebook application directory by following these steps—

  • Open your Facebook News Feed page and ‘Flag shape-like Icon’ of ‘Pages.’
  • Under the ‘Pages’ tab, simply click on ‘Insights’ from the left menu. That’s it!

Way 3: Get Help from ‘Webtrends’ the Full-Featured Analytics Application— As soon as you sign-up for an account on Webtrends by visiting this official it will provide you detailed analytics about the type of people and number of visitors who’ve viewed and still continue visiting your Facebook page be it business or fan page.

Way 4: Measure Traffic of Your Facebook Page with Google Analytics— Once you’ve set up a Google Analytics account by signing in to your Google account and selecting ‘Access Google Analytics,’ this tool will allow you to get definite data about the visitors of your Facebook pages, for instance; date, time, and location, etc.

That’s all! These four above-mentioned are the comprehensive and ethical ways that you can use to get a fair understanding about the demographics, numbers, and accounts of all who viewed your Facebook profile, business and fan page, etc. So, use them to know about the same and try avoiding the unethical ways as this can be considered by Facebook as a breach of the other’s privacy and for this, Facebook might block you that further leads you to get into the process of ‘ Recovering your locked Facebook account.’