What is ITIL 4?

Let’s get started with the fundamentals first. As a collection of best practices in IT Service Management. ITIL has been established in the 1980s and is known as an IT Infrastructure Library. Since then, there have been several minor and extensive revisions culminating in the present ITIL 4 version. Adapting our Service Management methodology to the ever-changing needs of the IT world is a significant step forward with this one, but we’ll get into that later.

In the subject of service management, why is ITIL 4 the greatest option available?

ITIL CDS Certification has been in existence since the 1980s, as indicated before. Although it has its roots in the United Kingdom, it has swiftly spread across many businesses and nations. I framework has evolved through time due to the accumulation of information, the changing needs of the market, and the evolution of technology. There will be a lot of advancements, but they will also include existing best practices and established methods.

Thus, ITIL 4’s most recent iteration, which incorporates the following features, maybe the best option.

  • Guidance on how to adapt Service Management to the Agile environment
  • Implementation of ITIL or other frameworks/methodologies in any company
  • A large group of people will help you through any difficulties you may have regarding the topic.
  • In addition, the ITIL Practice Guides are massive assistance when learning the basics of ITIL.

ITIL 4 is applied in service management in several ways.

In other words, there are no hard and fast rules in ITIL 4, which is a set of guidelines rather than a methodology by Sprintzeal. Although certain beneficial behaviors might aid you on your journey, some bad habits to avoid.

Getting the wheels in motion

Before running, one must learn to walk. Before one can even begin to walk, one must first learn to crawl. Even if ITIL 4 or any other framework is being implemented. The same rules apply.

Because of this, we must first identify the problems in our business and then choose ITIL as the solution. Having a Design Thinking session with your management team will help you discover the correct challenges. The outcome may be nothing short of miraculous. In light of your own experiences, your organization’s problems, and the preceding sections of this essay. You have decided that ITIL 4 is the best way to go.

Finding the processes that are most likely to cause a problem

There is a chance your Service Desk is sending all tickets to the second level. When it comes down to it, you might either have no SLAs in the first place. Or you’re always seeing red on your SLA indicators. Assess your level of maturity

You may use the CMMI to identify where you are today, what the next level of maturity would be, and how to get there. For instance, What at first looks seems like a bit of detail may be rather complex.

However, if you find the appropriate specialists to work with, their fees are well worth it. Even better is to select those with sufficient implementation expertise, who are aware of the specific concerns of your stakeholders and are familiar with the challenges associated with implementing change in organizations.

To become certified, how do you do it?

AXELOS owns the trademark for ITIL, while PeopleCert can certify individuals. To begin your journey into the fascinating world of ITIL certification, you’ll need to take the ITIL 4 Foundation exam.


If you want to pass the test, you’ll first need to acquire the required information. For an entry-level certification, you’ll need to grasp the foundations, such as service value systems and value chains and the Seven Guiding Principles; you’ll also need to know the objective of practices. (Formerly known as processes).

Afterward, there are two choices:

Continue with some more self-paced preparation, using the various internet resources. For your convenience, here is a selection:

  • ITIL 4 Foundation test prep videos are available for free on YouTube.
  • In addition to the online quiz, there is a substantial number of sample test questions.
  • This book is the official ITIL 4 Foundations book.

Get ready to take the test with PeopleCert (you can book it on your own or go through your training provider). The online exam costs around EUR 300, and you may take it whenever and anywhere you choose.


Our overview of ITIL 4 for service management has come to a close, so here we are! At the basic level, certification is relatively straightforward, and those who want to go farther can choose from a wide range of courses that focus on specific areas of interest. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the ITIL community and immerse yourself in the ever-changing world of current ITIL 4 and Service Management.