Can you name one product that doesn’t need packaging? I was thinking of all the products that don’t require packaging and I couldn’t name any. We go to grocery stores and everything; EVERYTHING is in their custom product packaging. imagine you go to the pharmacy and get your prescription handed over to you without a container. We are so used to seeing all kinds of products in packaging that we don’t even notice the major impact it has on our lives.

All kinds of products be it:

  • Groceries
  • Household supplies
  • Snacks
  • Personal-care products
  • Takeout/delivery
  • Alcohol
  • Consumer electronics
  • Skincare and makeup
  • Footwear
  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics

We get it all In Custom Product Packaging. The packaging is so prevailing in our lives that we think something is wrong with the product if it’s without a box or cover.

Custom Product Packaging
Custom Product Packaging

Packaging industry:

The packaging industry is probably the most resilient one. It is not only surviving the pandemic but THRIVING. The packaging industry has many sub-branches out of these packaging for groceries, snacks and takeout/delivery have significantly increased during the epidemic. People are more concerned about the food they’re buying and they prefer added layers of packaging, as it seems safer.

Innovative and sustainable packaging solutions:

While food packaging is doing great, other branches such as cosmetics and apparel packaging are not doing so well. There is a major decline in demand for these products. People are more focused on their needs instead of wants. Retaining the consumer and keeping them engaged is now tricky more than ever. Packaging companies are coming up with innovative and sustainable packaging to get them through the pandemic. Packaging solutions that make the consumer feel at more ease with buying certain products, such as makeup. Take the example of liquid foundation; companies are coming up with packaging solutions that eliminate the need to take foundation out on the hand before applying. Packaging containers with roll-overs and built-in applicators are being produced to instill the idea that the product is safe to use.

Changed social behaviors:

The social fabric is also changed, in-person meetups, interactions are close to none, and if there are any, those are online. Meetings are online, classes are online, retail outlets are closed, and businesses are run through e-commerce only. Under these circumstances, the consumers are focusing more on the protection and convenience function of packaging instead of promotion and identification. Interaction of consumers with the product is eliminated as retail outlets are closed, and one will only see the product once they unbox it after delivery to their doorstep.

Protection and convenience:

Aesthetic element is eliminated; this doesn’t mean that the consumer is not going to evaluate your product based on packaging. As an avid online shopper, when my package arrives, I always judge the brand by looking at the packaging. How much they cared about my convenience and how much they considered the safety of my order.


If a company doesn’t pack my product properly, there is a high chance I won’t order from them again. And this is thought process of 99% of consumers, they want to feel cared for, and the only way to show that you care about your customers is custom product packaging.