Product packaging is a key thing to run a retail business. Every product manufacturer wants to adopt unique and attractive packaging styles that attract customers to buy that product. In the USA according to the statistical bureau of consumer index more than 65% of the common users prefer to buy the product by inspiring its packaging. There are many creative custom boxes styles that you acquire for your products but custom printed sleeve boxes are one of the top-rated packaging styles with more than 45% of client conversion rate.

You can make custom sleeve boxes with any of the available material, normally they are made up of the cardboard stock which can be customized into any shape or style. The purpose of publishing this article is to give awareness to the growing retail business owners about the importance of custom sleeve boxes and why sleeve boxes are preferred by the retail businesses. Following you learn why sleeve boxes are the best packaging solution for retails sectors. So, read this article till the end.

Enhance the Value of Bakery Items

The usage of the custom sleeve boxes is at its best in the bakery sector. Bakery items not only have to save from the dust, insects but from moisture too. So a quality sleeve packaging can give the ultimate protection from all of the above-mentioned effects. Custom sleeve packaging can also help to increase the shelf life of the bakery items by its solid protection shield. Moreover, custom sleeve boxes provide a dual protection layer to the product to protect it from damage which eventually builds the client’s trust in the brand.

Along with this, a window style custom sleeve box is the best packaging style to present the bakery items to the clients to inspire with the overall outlook of the product. Window sleeve packaging can enhance the sales and value of the pastries, donuts, cupcakes, biscuits, cakes, and many more bakery items by creating an adorable attraction.

Best for Sports Items

Custom printed sleeve boxes are also well known and frequently used to wrap the sports products. Like a tennis ball is wrapped into the sleeve packaging to ensure its safety from any potential damage. Similarly, a cricket ball is also a product that has importance in its field. Cricket ball is also kept into the custom sleeve packaging box that not only gives it solid protection but the captivating outlook as well.

On the other hand, golf is known as the elite sport. So, it is very important to impress the elite personals with the quality of sports equipment. A custom sleeve box is an elegant way to wrap the golf ball into the most appropriate and precious manners.

Usually, a normal weight cardboard stock is used to pack these sports items but as the product weight increases, a thick cardboard stock takes place to hold the product efficiently.

Ideal Packaging Solution for Luxury Items

When we talk about packaging for the luxury retail items, rigid stock-based custom sleeve box style is one of the top priorities that many retailers prefer to adopt. When you present a luxury item as a gift to your love ones, it shows the importance of the relationship and when the luxury item is packed into the luxury style sleeve box it even doubles the happiness of the occasion.

On the other hand, luxury items require a great amount of protection as well because, if a luxury product is damaged within the packaging, a retailer or manufacturer has to bear a high amount of loss. Sleeve style rigid boxes have much more thick walls compared to the cardboard stock. So, the combination of rigid tray and sleeve box packaging provides a double-thick and strongest protection to the luxury item. So, to avoid such circumstances retailers prefer to have a luxury sleeve box style packaging to not only protect the product but to enhance the value of the product too.


We have tried our best to convey a clear message about the importance of the sleeve packaging style for retailer businesses. Sleeve packaging also falls in the category of custom made wholesale boxes. We hope that after reading his complete post you will come to know why sleeve boxes are preferred by the retail business.