Facebook is one of the biggest online social media platforms and one of the most secure platforms. But, if you are curious about how to enter into a Facebook account without the password, then you can continue reading the article. Or, you should close this tab and do whatever you were doing in your time.

Well, if you don’t know someone’s password, then you need to resort to some illegal techniques to get their password. But most people don’t have knowledge of hacking or any other words associated with it.

Today, we will find out about hacking strategies, and you’ll be shocked to see how simple it’s.

Let’s begin!!

Key Logger

Well, if you want to access someone’s password, the best way to do it is the keylogger. It’s a method used by cyber criminals to access someone’s account by installing a simple piece of software on their PC. Key Loggers are software that will record everything you type on your computer, including passwords and all. And the attacker can access this information remotely. So, when you open Facebook login page and type in your password, they will know it instantly.

To read in-depth about the Key Loggers and how they work, you can log on to one of the best tech blogs on the internet, Way Binary. Way Binary has content that you will love to explore and learn something from it as well.

Spy App

Well, these days, it is very easy to intercept communication on your device using the spy app. If you use Facebook on your mobile device, then you are susceptible to the app-spy. The spy apps will have access to all the data you type on your mobile phone and even access the camera and microphone as well.

You should check the list of applications installed on your device or PC, and is there an application that isn’t installed by you. If so, remove it immediately and save yourself from this kind of attack. You could also check for the permissions; the apps have on a particular device. It is very easy to infiltrate the mobile phone when installing the apps through the play store or app store.

Social Engineering

The best way to get the password of someone’s Facebook Login Account is via social engineering. It’s a term coined by hackers that allows them to get access to the system. In this, the attacker will approach the victim and, by making excuses, convinces the latter to give his smartphone.

And in those cases, they can take advantage and get confidential information from the device. You can get the Facebook Login Password or install spyware software that allows them to control your device remotely.


It’s one of the oldest techniques in the book, which can be utilized to extract confidential details from the user account. In this, they send an email to the users via text or email with a link. When the user clicks on the link, they will be taken to a fake Facebook login page, but it will look authentic. And once they type the login details in the form, they are redirected to the real Facebook login page.

Now, they will have your login details for Facebook and easily access your account without any trouble.

Well, if you don’t want to fall into one of these traps and keep your Facebook account safe and secure, don’t click on any link on email without proper checking. Don’t lend someone your device to avoid the installation of any software on the device.

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