Certain customer service skills are a must for the agents working in a call centre. These skill sets help the agent manage the monotonous work culture of BPO companies and assists in bringing customer satisfaction even at times of high call volumes.

Well, call centre agents handle the responsibility of offering astounding customer support service, thus they have to be brilliant to woo the customers’ interest. Customers have thousands of options in the market, and they can switch to the competitor anytime. This is the reason, adequate call centre agents are indispensable to maintain brand image and to augment customer experience.

With several unwanted situations that may arise while performing the business function, the call centre agents have to be extraordinary, possessing certain essential skills to maintain brand image. Understanding the complexity of the job of a call-answering expert, agents can do justice to their call answering responsibility, thus possessing essential qualities is indispensable.

To understand why we stress upon adequate agent qualities, you need to understand the work culture of a BPO firm. Well, BPOs are the workplace that helps companies outsource their secondary responsibilities. These secondary responsibilities were earlier limited to call answering services, however, today the IT responsibilities, finance and accounting services, administrative tasks, sales, marketing, etc. are outsourced too.

BPOs help companies outsource their secondary responsibilities and manage their burden so that the in-house agents are free to give time to productive responsibilities. Since BPOs handle the service responsibility of a secondary partner, thus they have to be extra cautious to make sure no negative customer experience lands the partners’ business into trouble.

Since most companies have a lot to handle from strategy making to lead generation in-house, thus outsourcing the secondary responsibilities have become common.

If you are a BPO firm willing to offer astounding services to partner companies, check the following features in the agents to offer brilliant support to the client.

Skills BPO company agents must possess:

Hassle-Free Communication

Agents willing to become a call centre agent need to possess clear communication skills. Since the agents have to repeatedly answer and make calls to the business leads/customers, thus possessing clear communication capabilities is necessary.

Not having a clear tone to communicate, the agent may dissatisfy the caller. The agent has to carry a precise tone of answering the caller. Although she/he is trained to meet the customers’ needs adequately, however, possessing a clear communication skill is an added advantage.

Customers always value time, so agents have to be a hassle-free interactive person, who possesses the quality of easily understanding concerns and delivering a suitable answer rapidly.

BPO company agent


Call center agents should possess this most significant quality of being patient. As we talked that call centers have a monotonous work culture, wherein the agents have to handle repetitive incoming outgoing calls all day, thus patience is the key.

Most people get frustrated handling repetitive inquiries all day, as it is hard to answer similar queries and handle angry customers with the same ease. This is why a patient agent can get through the monotonous work culture and will not end up leaving the business into attrition issues.

Even the hardest customers need quick and patient assistance, thus only those agents survive in BPO companies who have a calm attitude.

Time Dedication

Customer support 24X7 isn’t an easy responsibility. Timeliness for BPO firms matters a lot, which is why agents need to make sure that they consider timeliness always. A customer calling your business expects you to answer the call instantly, thus only those customers bring customer satisfaction who understand the significance of the lead’/customers’ time.

Therefore, before finalizing your agent, remember to gather their views on timeliness and ways they can support the business in times of high call volumes. As a BPO company, you will have to consider several aspects to assure satisfactory customer experience, and selecting agents who value time is one vital aspect.


The call center agent is expected to be adaptable too. Why we talk about adaptability is because the market requirements, technologies, and customer demands keep on changing, thus the agent need not be stubborn, but should accept the changes to keep offering splendid services.

Moreover, the callers may demand or talk about a new technology or maybe a technical glitch that the agent might not be able to answer, thus the agents have to be adaptable to ask for a sorry and try to learn the same for better customer service the next time.

One service can be entirely different from the other, thus without any frustration, agents need to be adaptable to keep working enthusiastically.

A Good Listener

Every BPO agent should always be a good listener. Why so?

Well, when a person is a good listener, she/he eventually becomes a good orator too because listening helps to answer well. Agents need to possess this quality to understand the callers and get to know their concerns from the roots. Without listening, when the agents try to persuade the customer about the business, it eventually results in increased dissatisfaction, thus good listening capabilities is crucial.

Positive Attitude

The call center environment is said to be monotonous and the agents are expected to handle repetitive tasks with the same ease all day. Since a high volume of calls keeps coming in all day, thus the agents have to possess a positive talking attitude so that the callers’ do feel the agent to be pissed off already.

It is tough to manage repetitive calls with the same ease and by carrying a polite attitude, however, the same is an essential skill every call center agent is expected to carry.

Easy Learning

Grabbing knowledge on every business’ product and service easily has to be the quality of a call center agent. Since a BPO company works for multiple clients, thus the agents’ have to possess the zeal to learn about each business’ product/service swiftly, as it is the agents who have to handle services for multiple clients with the same comfort.

When the agents lack knowledge on the business product/service, they are unable to respond to the callers’ concerns, thus leading to dissatisfaction possibilities. So, look for an agent who is eager to learn new things and brings in new ideas to meet customer requirements better.

The agents ultimately reach the customers, thus their expertise is central.

The Zeal to Go an Extra Mile

Customers appreciate an agent who has that zeal to help them by going an extra mile for them. Thus, BPO companies need to search for the agents who love being a call center agent, as it pushes them towards the passion to help the callers resolve their concerns easily. Since agents are the carries of the business brand image, thus their skills are crucial in bringing customer satisfaction.

The agents who love to learn new things and change with time have that capability to keep the customers satisfied. So, finalize an agent after a good interview session.

After all, stupendous customer support service is only possible when an agent loves her/his job, so every staff needs to do what she/he loves the most!

Wrapping Up

Customer service skills are something, which gets advanced repeatedly. To attain brand loyalty and to offer stupendous outsourcing service, having agents with certain skill sets is indispensable. Not all agents can work dedicatedly for a call center, as BPOS demand a lot of patience and enriched communication skills, thus selecting the right agent for support services is significant for BPO firms.