A wedding is one of the most remarkable occasions of everyone’s life. It is the official beginning of a new chapter of your life where you start sharing your journey with your soul-mate. The occasions of the wedding are the busiest ones. We invite every single special person in our lives at our wedding. But it becomes difficult to take care of every individual person. Or the occasional planning itself is so big that we remain engaged with the newly married couple only. So, here is a list of small things that plays an important role to make the wedding memorable.

1) Guest Greetings

When you are being invited on an occasion, you will always wish to be treated specially. But, on occasions like weddings, it becomes difficult to keep track of every individual. Here, the little kids are of wonderful help. They love to take responsibility like adults. And their dedication is over the board. SO, set the little bunch of munchkins with flowers in trays at the entrance of the wedding hall. They will take it seriously and each one of the guests will be treated equally with grace. And they would remember it.

2) Gift loved ones

We all are really busy in our lives. Though we love invitations, we manage hard to attend one. So, usually, it is the guests that make this special occasion more memorable. And the guests owe us. As a symbol of gratitude, a small thank you gift for them will be perfect to appreciate their graceful presence on this occasion. It is nothing special, can be flowers. And if not possible to give them that on the same day, you can make a delivery bouquet of flowers to their residential address. It would be a small but impactful thing to make good memories.

3) Creative Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is one of the best things to celebrate marriage and make the occasion of a wedding special. There are a lot of people gifting a lot of gifts. But if you want to make a small gesture, yet a remarkable one, you can go for this option. A hand-baked a creative wedding cake for the couple will be amazing. You do not have to spend a lot, as it is just the gift for the couple; bake a 1⁄2 or 1 pound (0.45 kg) creative wedding cake with their initials and a small message of a wish. It would be one of the best wedding surprise ideas.

4) Create a theme

Celebration has now become one of the most trending ways of celebration. There are varieties of themes available on the list. There is retro, there is a color theme and many more. You can go a little different and create your theme. A season theme will be amazing. Or to make everyone feels comfortable, you can go to the ‘Go as you like’ theme. It will make everyone in the invitee list to memorize your wedding. You can also order cake online in UK for celebration.

5) Personalized Name Napkin

Depersonalization has become one of the most used gift ideas and decorating arrangements. There are personalized gifts that the invitee is given to the newly married couple. But in return, the wedding couple can also organize something personalized. With the guests’ tables fixed and identified with the envelop they received at the entrance, you can keep personalized name napkins on the table as well. A little tip, as you invite according to the family, it is best to mention their name initials and titles on the napkins. It will be one of the unique wedding ideas in 2020.


6) Flower Girl

A flower girl is a very ancient concept that is still followed in specific religious communities. A flower girl is a girl who carries a flower bouquet delivery to the UK or flower basket who decorate the aisle through which the bride will come. It is a very cute concept as the kid would be little in age, and they make the whole occasion of a bride-coming gorgeous with their presence. It will be amazing to witness such a unique experience. It is a very subtle arrangement, but is a very special one.

7) Unique Venue

On many occasions, the venue plays a very important role. And it leaves a great impression about the guests about their wedding occasion as well. If it is a summer wedding, then the wedding hall is the best option. If it is a fall or autumn wedding, then it is best to go for outdoor locations like a backyard, a farmhouse, or a beach wedding. If it is a whole day wedding, then the lighting on the night will make it look amazing. And guests will remember it.

Everyone wants their wedding to be the most memorable day of their life and also one of the most remarkable days for the guests as well. Above are the best options for making your wedding memorable.