From the past decade, social media platforms have turned the way how people communicate with each other and share information on social media.

Social media users create attractive, engaging, and useful content on social media platforms that is not only about how they are feeling but also about product reviews and their experience with brand products and services.

Social media have now become a platform where people interact with the daily life experience and share it with their friends and followers.

For brands and marketers social media platforms are offering dynamic content which is created by users.

Number of users on these social media platforms have also increased, it is almost about half of the global population.

As a consequence, this increases the amount of content on these social media platforms, which gives more exposure to creative content.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, etc. are the major user-generated content producers.

Brands are finding the content on these platforms more useful and attractive for their target audience. Also the UGC marketing is the going trend to leverage marketing strategies, thus to collect such content social media aggregator is the tool for the marketers use this content in their marketing game-plan.

But what is a social media aggregator and how to use it? Don’t worry, we will talk about it more in this blog and also tell you what are the benefits of using it.

What is Social Media Aggregator?

Social media aggregator is a type of tool or can say software that collects relevant social media feeds from various social media platforms using hashtags, mentions, handles, url, etc.

Not only you can collect but also curate the social media content from different social media channels. And then you can showcase it to your audience at any marketing touchpoint your audience is available, like websites, events, conferences, concerts, digital signage, or any digital screen.

These social media aggregators also offer features to customize and moderate the content you collected from social media to make it relevant and qualitative for your marketing needs.

If you are planning to integrate this alluring user-generated content in your marketing strategies then social media aggregator is the must tool to have.

Benefits of Social Media Aggregator In Marketing

Display Social Feeds On Your Website To Engage Visitors

When user-generated content becomes the part of your website content, it will increase your visitors dwell time, engage them with creative content, add unique content to your website, build trust, and increase the value of your brand or business.

Your audience is looking for authentic and real content on your website, which is not possible with the branded content. User-generated content make it possible. Your audience understands that UGC is unbiased content and brands do  not pay any money to the content creators for making it. Thus, display it on your website and increase the engagement and credibility of your business website.

Create Social Walls During Events and Concerts

The best way to make your event and concert stand-out from others and bind your audience is by displaying the real-time social media feeds on your event social wall. Social media aggregators make it possible to run hashtag campaign feeds on your event screen walls and give an entertaining experience to your audience.

It is noticed that showcasing social media feeds in your live events increase the user engagement three times more and make your event or concert remarkable in the mind of your attendees.

Embed Social Feeds On Digital Signage

You may have noticed big digital screens when visiting malls and restaurants. Brands are displaying offers, new products, and latest trends with digital signages. Visitors find it attractive while they visit your store. But there is also another wonderful way to promote your brand and enhance the purchase decision of your customers.

Displaying user-generated content on digital signage grabs the attention of your store visitors and increases conversion rate. When your customers see some product or service promoted by the real customers, it will increase the chances of new customers to buy that same product.

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Run Effective Ad Campaigns

With user-generated content you can increase the effectiveness of ad campaigns and make your ad copies that your customers also engage with.

Branded advertisement content is mostly ignored by your audience as the same old traditional content do not do any wonders, whereas, when the same ad campaign includes the user-generated content, people like to engage with it more. It will also increase trust in your customers and authenticity of your brand products and services.

Boost Conversion Rate

If you own an e-commerce store, user-generated content is a must for your website. Why? It is powerful content and works best as reviews on your eCommerce store from real customers.

User-generated content is the great way to boost your product and service by telling your visitors how old customers are availing your products and solving their daily life problems. You can also repurpose this content and tag your product that influences your customers to buy the product at the same time they interact with UGC. Thus, you can add user-generated content on your ecommerce product page and boost conversion rate with this powerful tool.

Final Words

Now you have been learning about what social media aggregators are and the amazing benefits of using it. Without any delay, you can increase the performance of your marketing and build a strong presence of your brand.