The workplace

As much as we look for temporary jobs or we take all the free hours in a company, university students with a face-to-face program of classes cannot work a full day (and that if we can find a job, that part is also difficult) because it would have a negative impact in our academic results. Thus, being able to pay a rental becomes an odyssey, but with a little patience and searching well we can find something acceptable.

The rental business

In cities where there are major universities, some homeowners make questionable student leases. We must look at the urban leasing law of our country and not let them cheat us; Even if we are only going to stay a few months, they have to make us a legal contract with all the guarantees. In addition, it is good that we know our rights and obligations as tenants so that we do not have any problems. In general, there are very nice landlords who give us all the facilities and understand our precarious situation, but others (not so nice) may try to abuse us. If we are well informed, it will cost them much more to do so.

It is also good to deal directly with individuals because we will save the commission of the rental agency. It is more difficult, but it can be achieved if we look early. Hurry is not good for finding a home; we must take it into account.

Choose the area well taking into account the displacements

We can save a lot of money on rent if we search outside of city centers. It is true that it does not have as much glamor as walking to the university. However, if we look for something that is well connected. However, a little out of the way, we will save a lot of money. Of course, we must calculate what the transport will mean at the end of the month. Add it to the rental price to have a clear idea of ​​whether it will really be a good strategy. There are certain neighborhoods that are not so popular even when they are close to the center. It is not about getting into a troubled neighborhood. However, one that is not undergoing a gentrification process or that is less showy. In any case, as we get to know the city. It will be easier for us to determine which area is the most suitable for us.

Share a flat

More and more people do it, but not because it is a fashion or an alternative lifestyle as they want us to see, but because it is the result of the impoverishment of the population. Even so, sharing a flat is a very good solution for students because in addition to saving money, we can live with our classmates and study in groups or help each other with notes or subjects that are more complex for us. Logically, we must establish some rules of coexistence from the beginning and respect them, because it will be the only way to live in peace in a situation in which several people who have different educations and hobbies live together. The clearer things are from the start, the better.

Rental aid

Doing paperwork is boring and stressful, but if we meet certain requirements, it will have been worth the effort because we may get quite a generous monthly rent help. There are also subsidies to pay the costs of electricity, gas and water and low cost companies that it is interesting to consult. The more we save on these little things, the better we will live.

Essential characteristics of a home

When we are looking for a rental to spend at least one course, there are things that we must take into account from the beginning. It is very useful to make a list with the essentials and take it when we go to see the apartment so that we can check that it meets our needs. The basic things we should check are:


According to expert ghostwriter need a place of study that is appropriate. If the house is very dark, we will not study well and also the environment will be more oppressive and less welcoming. The home should have at least one well-lit room to use as a study room.


student flats are usually a hodgepodge of furniture that owners and their families left there so as not to throw them away. In addition to the eclectic aesthetic, which is not so important, the problem with this furniture is that it may not be suitable for our needs. That is why we must make sure we have a good study table, appropriate chair and mattresses that are new or in good condition. If the beds have springs sticking out, we will not rest well and our academic results will be worse. Anyway, if the apartment interests us, many landlords are willing to buy mattresses or something else that we request. You just have to know how to negotiate.


you have to check that the shower has pressure and that the cistern works correctly. We will save on water costs and live better. We will also have to check what system the house has to heat the water. If it is an electric heater with little capacity and many people live together, it is likely that we end up showering with cold water in the middle of winter, so it is better to opt for gas boilers.


if we are in an area with cold winters, it is vital that we have good heating. A house in which we spend the winter shivering is not a home. It is a suffering, so it is very important that on the first visit we check what type of heating it has. In addition, you have to flee from dangerous systems or those that have not passed the proper legal reviews.