SAT means Standardized Aptitude Test and it is conducted to test the proficiency of undergraduate students. They test the skills in students in mathematics, reading, writing and linguistic skills. The SAT scores are accessed by the universities offering undergraduate programs abroad. It is conducted for 7 times in a year. More than 2.2 million students appear for the test in a year. So, to appear for the SAT entrance test, they should rigorously do SAT prep. The students should not use a calculator for the exam. The students should prove their mathematical skills, linguistic skills and writing skills along with their critical thinking skills.

About the SAT test

The students appear for three exams namely the mathematics test, writing and language test and reading test.

In Mathematics, they should solve 58 questions and should complete the section in 80 minutes. In the first section, they should solve the questions of application-based trigonometry and linear equations. They should solve some complex mathematical problems of linear equations and trigonometry. Then, they should appear for the reading test. This section consists of 52 questions and should complete this section in 65 minutes. In this section, they should explain the meaning of multiple meaning words, reading the comprehension and should study the complex structure vocabularies. Then, the next section is the writing and language test. They should solve 44 questions in 35 minutes. They should write an essay in 50 minutes. So, they can prove their critical thinking skills.

Classroom Training

To rigorously prepare for classroom training, they should join SAT prep program. The students can attend the unlimited doubt-clearing sessions and also attend some critical tests such as the full-length tests and numerous sectional tests. The mentors prepare the study plans for the students and the students can score the best marks. The students avail 66 hours of training and can study different concepts in different sessions. They can also solve topic-wise exercises. The students can choose weekday classes or even weekend classes. So, in this way the students can build their accuracy and speed by doing the additional practice exercises. They can attend the 5 sectional tests. By joining the classroom training, they can also build concentration and stamina also.

Live training

The students can join one-to-one tutoring sessions, and some sectional tests are conducted to the students to improve their speed, accuracy and build their stamina. The mentor also conducts more than 3000 practice problems and accesses their level of difficulty. The mentor even conducts practice tests for the students such as the 17 full-length and SAT mock tests. They conduct interactive analytics sessions using a dashboard to track their progress. They can join the forums for community-based learning.

Private tutoring

The students can study from the learning resources and the mentor conducts a one-to-one sessions for the students. They conduct sectional tests for the students to improve their speed, stamina and accuracy of the students.

The students can also join online classes and can download some learning apps.

They can choose any style of teaching and study with devotion.