Over the years, your home will go through a lot of changes. Most of the time, the changes depend a lot on how you feel. It usually begins with the question of how you get rid of unsellable furniture. In the process of all these changes, you will need to buy new furniture pieces. And then you contemplate how you can make furniture removal possible at this time.

Any form of change in the interior design of your home means an investment on your end. But how do you cover the costs when you are working within a tight budget? At this point, you will have to consider selling your old furniture pieces.

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Is it possible to make money out of furniture removal? Yes, it is. Here are a few tips to help you earn back some money from selling used furniture.

Tip 1: Be fair when pricing.

Have you ever tried going thrift shopping online? Usually, sellers sell used clothing and accessories. You must have liked some of them, but decided not to buy them because you thought they were a bit overpriced. Usually, the high prices of these goods are the very reason that buyers decide not to trust the seller at all.

The same thing is true whenever you put your used furniture for sale. If people see that you are selling your coffee table a bit overpriced, they will not trust anything else that you put out there.

When you want to make good money out of furniture removal, make sure that you price your items fairly.

Consider two factors when deciding how much you want to sell it for. Think about how much you bought it for and for how long you’ve been using it. Look into the wear and tear of the furniture. A couch you bought ten years ago won’t even cost half the price of when you first bought it. so practice fairness when it comes to pricing your old furniture for sale.

You can always compare the prices of such items online to give you an idea of what is considered an acceptable price. Always practicing fairness in selling used items. The goal is not only to get rid of them or earn money but to make sure that they serve their purpose well in another home.

Tip 2: Make sure to take a good photo.

Whether you are selling used furniture or clothing online, the secret to successfully selling it lies in the quality of the photo that you post. There is nothing like an eye-catching image to convince someone that your old furniture is exactly what they need in their home or office space.

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How do you take a good photo of an old piece? Here are a few tips on how you can achieve a professional-looking photo taken at the comforts of your home:

  1. Bask in natural lighting. Don’t take photos of your old furniture while in the dark.
  2. Show the entire piece. Don’t leave out parts of the furniture and make potential buyers wonder what is missing.
  3. Include close-up photos of the item. This will give them the idea that you are not trying to hide anything.

Is it okay for potential clients to see that the furniture comes with minor scratches? Since you are selling used furniture, the customers can manage their expectations. Any form of furniture removal will prove to be a success when you are upfront with your clients about what you are selling.

Not only will you have earned their trust, but you will be able to get rid of furniture you don’t need and earn some money back in the process too.

Tip 3: It’s all in the details.

A good-looking image of your used furniture may make them click on the image, but it won’t do all the work for you. You have to be able to describe your furniture in a way that will make potential buyers want to buy it. Be specific with the details of the item.

Include specifics like the dimensions as well as any damages that it may have. Furniture removal takes a lot of art too and its selling point is all in the details. Where do you begin to describe it?

First, stop and ask yourself what details would you want to know if you were the buyer. Put the details in writing. Then, compare what you wrote to the other posts online. This will give you perspective as to what other things your post might be missing.

The way your post is written makes a huge difference too. Always make sure that your post is error-free. Double-check it before you make the final click. Committing common mistakes can be a huge turn-off. Eventually, it might just scare potential buyers away.

The image of the used furniture may be what will entice them to check out your post, but it will eventually be the details you include that make the decision. Be accurate with the information you provide and see how that goes.

Tip 4: Pick a platform and sell.

Given all the different platforms online, technology has indeed found a way to make you sell your item in the best way possible. While placing your ad in the local paper might get you some people to call about your used furniture, you know posting it online can help with furniture removal.

There are several websites that focus only on furniture selling. People who check these sites do so because they are looking for a specific piece. Also, through these websites, you will be able to reach out to as many potential buyers as possible.

And then there is the power of social media. You can choose to post it on Facebook and wait for inquiries to come in. Be more open to discussing the details of the item further. Some buyers might have a few questions about it.

Parting Words On Selling Old Furniture After a Furniture Removal

Selling used furniture does not have to be that hard. With these tips, you can get rid of your old furniture at a good price. Soon, you will have more space in your home that you can always fill in with something new.