Considering how fast the fashion industry moves, the suit is going to continually evolve. Therefore, one can say that the future of this apparel looks bright.

The suit dominated the fashion industry in the ‘90s. It became the go-to attire for men all across the globe. Everybody used to don the outfit, whether it be politicians or office workers, men everywhere preferred wearing suits over anything else no matter what the occasion is. However, the popularity of this garment has been on a constant decline for the last couple of decades.

This decline has been so apparent that even the stiffest of banks such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan relaxed the dress code of the employees, removing the need of wearing a tie or blazer. Even Marks & Spencer, a famous destination among suit-buyers announced that it would be reducing its formalwear by 14% so that there could be more space for casual clothing in the outlets. This certainly makes one question; What is the place for suits in menswear today?

Suits & the Modern Fashion Era

It’s clear that men today don’t wear suits for just about any occasion. But then does it mean that this apparel is on its way out? Well, not necessarily. You have to understand wearing a suit is no longer a requirement anymore. It has become a choice. While there is a wide variety of clothing options available today, men have started to make tailoring a part of their signature look.

It is interesting to notice that the apparel and textile industries in America have started to disappear. Also, CEOs of multibillion-dollar companies now see suits as a bit stuffy. This is why they often go for contemporary looks. For instance, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in a black turtleneck shirt and blue jeans instead of wearing a suit. Similarly, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is mostly seen in his signature hoodie.

The Power Suit

The element of socioeconomic status plays an important role in determining dress codes. This means that a CEO can easily decide what his/her dress code will be but those working below them will not have similar freedom. For instance, when making a congressional testimony, Mark Zuckerberg dressed in a suit which caused quite a buzz. This made a couple of things clear. First, the suit is a symbol of power dynamics in a professional setting. Secondly, donning a suit will have a strong effect on your appearance, allowing you to make a powerful visual statement.

Clothes today have become much more than just a garment you wear. One needs to remember that clothes can have a powerful effect on both your perceived identity and your image. So, even though Zuckerberg is mostly seen in a hoodie, he showed up in a suit that day to signify that not only he was serious about the reason for being there in the first place but also, he wanted to look like a CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation.

Is a Suit Still Necessary in a Workplace?

As more workplaces are encouraging employees to dress casually, one question pops up in mind; Is a suit still necessary in the workplace? Not really! As stated above how different banks like Goldman Sachs have relaxed the dress code of employees, it feels like the suit has started to lose its importance. Also, it’s up to a company’s dress policy as some companies do make wearing a suit compulsory.

Although the world might think that it is witnessing the death of a suit. But they can never be more wrong. According to Jay Fielden, not all suits are dying. It’s just a certain type of it which is. He points specifically to that kind of floppy lagged and droop-shouldered attire that politicians, managers, and CEOs wear. This is a power suit!


Now that you know the power suit is fading away quickly, you might be thinking about what new role a suit would take now. With how the fashion industry is changing, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the suit transitions from being an expression of conformity to that of creativity. There are different fashion houses that are experimenting with the attire and making it look more dapper. Plus, you get to see your favorite stars wearing different creative suits on the red carpet all the time. Also, made-to-measure tailoring is also becoming increasingly popular with men.

Over the years, suits have evolved a lot. And considering how fast the fashion world moves, the suit will continue to evolve. Therefore, you can expect many more American made clothing brands to keep bringing unique flavors to the apparel. Also, you should know that the suit is not an accessory that can quickly go out of fashion. Instead, it is an ensemble which because of its supreme versatility and utility has been a staple of menswear for more than 150 years. And it’s never going to die!