With the COVID 19 crises, every corner of our glove is dealing with lockdown, economic issues, and social distancing. But the saddest part of this is to go across the stress and get groceries as well. It increases more risk of corona spread and lockdown at home goes in vain.

But, let us not deny the fact that the government has come up with certain stringent rules to ensure the safety of every human being for which on-demand delivery app development can be useful. Till the time antivirus for the same comes out, it does not make any sense to follow a carefree attitude. And the same goes while purchasing the essentials as well.

Know about Contactless delivery

Before we move on to understanding the care and tips that should be followed, let us first focus on the contactless delivery concept and why is it emerging so much during COVID crises. The contactless delivery is a white glove delivery solution that causes extremely less contact between the customers and even the delivery executives.

Be it the groceries or the food, it is left outside the home in a particular bag or spot which the customer advises at the time of order. There are so many companies that have come up with this service through a mobile app. It works this way:

  •     Customers can choose a right spot outside their door from where they shall pick up the package dropped.
  •     Once the delivery of the order is made, the customer will get a picture of the item delivery. He can then continue and pick it up from the spot. This way the social distancing is rightly balanced.

Although eCommerce is still an emerging concept let us not deny the fact that there are food and grocery supply chains that were not much complex but not simple as well. But after the outbreak of coronavirus, there are so many twists in the working beside the non-touch delivery is more like a cherry on the cake. But customer satisfaction is important and that is why contactless delivery is now obligatory for which on-demand delivery solution can be of great help.

Given below that are few things to ensure for the contactless delivery during social distaining:

Quick Refunds

There can be a situation that due to bad weather or because of some wrong order, the customer cancels it. To have a good relation, it is important to have an instant refund option available to them. This gives the customer a fulfillment feeling.

There can be turbulent situations that might have caused so much confusion and in the panic of the cities getting into a complete lockdown would have made it worst. But if for such unforeseen scenarios, the company offers through dedicated software development teams create an app for the instant refund solution, then the rate of genuine yet happy customers shall be more.

  •       Clear Communication

With better transparency comes clear communication too that on-demand food delivery app development offers. Communication rather in this whole scenario is an important part to make sure the chain operation is running smoothly. There are logistics managers whose job is to effectively stay connected with the delivery partner so that they can adapt to this new practice of delivery which we call a contactless delivery.

Considering the current crises which are going on, the delivery partners also have to understand the sanitization importance and make sure no-touch delivery is rightly followed. The real-time updates and if there is any problem with the delivery should be told to the customers on time.

  •       Contactless Payments

To begin with the delivery in a contactless basis, it is important to stop the cash on delivery option. Digital payment should be accepted. No credit or debit card swimming should be entertained.

To make sure the order is processed safely and in the right way, it is always important to choose the right contactless payment solution. The integration with different payment modes has to be strong be it net banking, UPI, or the debit card.

  •       Complete Transparency

In the chaos of lockdown, it is quite obvious for the people to face a lot of confusion to get their order status. The customers have to be aware of the pickup slots so that they can make the order accordingly.

Besides, every step be it the order confirmation, delivery status or even the merchant details needs to be shared with the customer so that at least the person knows where the order is coming from and by when can he expect it to get delivered.

Other than this, an automated delivery process which is the AI-based option to dispatch the order while improving vehicle utilization can be helpful for contactless delivery through on-demand food delivery Solution.


No doubt that anxiety due to pandemic has made people stock more pantry. It is rather a good thing. With the demand for home delivery increased during such crises, if you follow the above-mentioned tips with great care then at least you can rest assured that the virus shall not enter from outside. With the extent dedicated software development team and a good app, there will be a lot more convenience and safety for everyone.

Zero contact delivery has been every customer’s demand. Be it the restaurant owners or the essential suppliers the whole team is putting the best effort to handle the delivery package so that they can follow all the principles of lockdown while ensuring maximum safety possible.