More of us have different sets of headphones. Most of these headphones have a different rating of the waterproof feature. But Swimbuds headphones are 100-percent waterproof. This makes Swimbuds headphones more suitable for use when swimming.

The waterproof headphone has the latest mechanism of high-grade-rubber which makes it waterproof. This won’t interfere with the sweetness of your music. There are more competitive pairs of waterproof headphones hence check on the best.

When buying the best waterproof headphones for swimming, check on sound quality, comfort, & waterproof rating. Below are more details about swim buds’ waterproof headphones.

Design Of Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones

Swimbuds headphones are 100-percent waterproof. Additionally, these headphones come in white color. These earbuds have an in-ear design and its connection type is wired. Furthermore, this headphone comes with a 3.5 mm jack which is gold plated. This will help in preventing corrosion. These earbuds form a tight seal & they are made to stay-in during flip-turns.

These headphones will offer you a listen with no interruption. The reason being they come with a convenient 25cm cord. This cord is short and it does not get snagged or caught. Moreover, these headphones are made to be ergonomic & aerodynamic. This will enable swimmers to move through water with less resistance.

These earbuds are made using anti-corrosive material. This will prevent chlorine plus other impurities from corroding it. Its body is made of plastic and the cord is coated with a rubbery material.

Sound Quality

When it comes to performance underwater, swim buds headphones are at the top. But, it’s sound quality can’t be compared to normal headphones but they’re suitable enough for music & audio. The point that you will listen to audio underwater is already great. The headphone comes with a 10mm driver-unit which offers a clear & well-balanced sound.

Additionally, with this headphone, you will have a stereo sound experience. This headphone has a frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz. Thus, this headphone will be able to play all lows, mids, and high ranges. When it comes to audio detailing, it’s more suitable for modern music instead of acoustic or classical.

Swimbuds comes with a sensitivity of 102dBs and it’s most input power is 30mW. Additionally, swim but have minimal muffling & distortion hence no distraction from loud music.

Noise Isolation

Swimbuds headphones come with four earbud tip choices hence you will be able to choose. This will allow you to choose that ear tip that offers a comfortable fitting. Thus, it will block the surrounding noise allowing you to enjoy your music. But, these in-ear headphones don’t have active noise-cancellation

Additionally, these waterproof headphone for swimming come with brilliant leakage performance. More of the leakage is of 3KHz & 6KHz. This is very narrow & par with more in-ears. Additionally, these headphones have no microphones hence no hands free phone calls.


Swimbuds headphones have a wired connection with a 3.5mm jack. Thus, it will be compatible with more audio devices. Its cable has a convenient length of 25cm (10-inch). This makes it short hence it will not get snagged or caught. Moreover, it also comes with a 39-inch (99cm) audio extension cable.

With HydroBeat tech, you will have incredible underwater sound quality. The extra-short cable is made to stay put when having a tight flip-turns & rigorous workout. Thus you will have fewer interruptions & more swimming. The headphone is made for triathletes, swimmers plus water-sports enthusiasts.

Waterproof Rating

Swimbuds headphones are 100% waterproof. It has a waterproof rating of the IPX8-waterproof standard. This means that these headphones can survive inside the water of 10 feet deep. Additionally, these earbuds form a waterproof seal. This will allow sound in & block water out. For safety purposes, it’s always good not to use earbuds which form a tight-seal, below 3.05m.


Swimbuds headphones come with various pairs of ear tips which are made of soft materials. Thus, they will offer a comfortable fitting to different people. Moreover, these headphones weigh about 2.40 ounces which makes it lightweight. These earbuds come with a FitGoo lubricant which ensures that you have the best ear-fit. These earbuds are easy to use. No setting or complicated connection needed.


  • Comes with 4 sets of earbuds tip
  • Offers a comfortable and tight seal
  • Have a short cable, convenience
  • Offers good underwater sound quality
  • Small, lightweight and a compact design


  • Audio not suitable for above water listening
  • Has no active noise-canceling feature

What’s In The Box?

  • Swimbuds headphones
  • 4 pairs of earbuds tips
  • 2 sets of ear-hook sleeve
  • Audio extension cord
  • User guide


Swimbuds headphones are waterproof. They form a waterproof seal that allows sound in & keeps water-out. Moreover, these earbuds have an in-ear design. It is wired with a 3.5mm jack which makes it more compatible with different media devices. Additionally, the jack is gold plated which will prevent corrosion. The 4 sets of ear tip choices will offer you a comfortable choice. HydroBeat tech will ensure that you have incredible underwater sound quality. It’s always good not to use any earbuds which form a tight seal, underwater within a depth of 3.05 meters.