Teen yoga is different from other forms of yoga as it was invented for teenagers while keeping their needs in mind. Teenage is a time when a person’s body, mind, and soul go through various changes, and sometimes these changes can be disturbing as well. The purpose of teen yoga was to allow teenagers to live a healthy lifestyle. As teen yoga practices are different from normal yoga, a normal yoga teacher cannot successfully teach kids about teenage yoga unless he/she has special training. 

Teen yoga teacher training courses provide this type of training to willing yoga teachers. These are mostly small courses where a teacher learns about better controlling and guiding teenagers in yoga. The bodies of teens are more flexible and have raw strength that requires proper guidance. Otherwise, instead of building, there is a higher chance of destruction of body muscles and pain. To avoid this kind of complication, teen yoga teachers must have a piece of complete knowledge of the theory and practice of teen yoga. This knowledge can be obtained through teen yoga teacher training courses. 

50 Hours Teen Yoga Teacher Training:

It is one of the most popular teen yoga teacher training courses. Most teachers are certified after they have completed 50 hours of additional training of teen yoga teacher training. Most yoga teachers obtain this certificate after the completion of 200 or 500 hours of yoga training. This additional fifty hours of teen yoga teacher training enables teachers to be more aware of the student’s bodies and how to help the students do different kinds of poses. 

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This course also comprises the theory of teen yoga, which enables teachers to learn more about teen bodies. This enhanced knowledge about the teen bodies helps the teachers to work with their students to help create a positive mentality and a healthy soul out of the young person. Without this training, teachers will not be able to understand the needs of the students and this would misalign the balance. That is why these courses are important. 

Learning Outcomes of Teen Yoga Teacher Training:

Below are some of the learning outcomes of the teen yoga teacher training courses. 

  • Basic education to help teenagers better perform at yoga.
  • Learning the difference between teen yoga practicing and adult yoga practicing. 
  • The difference in the mental and physical abilities of an adult and a young person. 
  • The difference in the action of an adult and a teenager student.
  • Better sequences of asanas for teenagers to perform yoga. 
  • Knowledge about poses, alignments, and correction of mistakes that teen students make.
  • Breathing awareness, and techniques to help control their emotions. 
  • Knowledge about the yoga practices that would help young students in their studies and also in their work-life in the future. 

Benefits of Teen Yoga Training:

Here are some of the benefits of teen yoga training.

  • Physical Benefits: Teen yoga training can help teen students to have better physical shape. This could help them be active, flexible, and be able to balance their strength. Students can learn to do different practices that would help them healthily maintain their bodies.
  • Better Stress management: Teen yoga can help teen students to overcome stress and manage it in a better way. This can help them in their students and also in their professional lives ahead. 
  • Develop Emotional Control: Teen yoga can help teen students develop better emotional control. Controlling emotions is essential but it is hard to master. But with the help of teen yoga, teenagers can manage and develop control over their emotions in a better way. 
  • Develop Discipline in Life: For a youngster, it is very important to learn about discipline and balance in their lives. Students can learn how to develop discipline in their lives. 


When you complete a 50-hour teen yoga teacher training course, you receive a certification that enables you to teach yoga to teenage students. This certificate is accepted worldwide in almost all yoga alliances and associations. You can register with any of the alliances as a teen yoga teacher after that. This means that you can legally teach teen yoga to your students. Although some associations require that you already have completed some other courses such as 200 hours or 500 hours of yoga training. So, after that, you can complete a 50 hours course and become a teen yoga teacher.  


As you know that the bodies and minds of young people are different from the grown-ups, and they also react very differently as well. That is why teen yoga is different from normal adult yoga. It also required a different level of knowledge and training as well. That is why teen yoga teacher training is important for the people who want to teach yoga to teenagers.
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