The Step-By-Step Process to Move to Canada as Skilled Worker


If you wish to move to Canada as skilled worker from India, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is the perfect option for you. Several thousands of skilled workers apply for Canada PR Visa from India through the FSWP. 

The FSWP is the flagship immigration pathway for skilled overseas workers. Canada welcomes millions of immigrants annually through FSWP based on their competency to establish them in the job market. Applicants can include partner/spouse and dependent kids in the PR application.

The Express Entry System manages immigration applications through the FSWP and intends to welcome 110,000 skilled workers in 2024. The majority of the successful candidates through Express Entry file immigration applications under FSWP. The research of the Government of Canada reveals that FSWP immigrants are successful in achieving thriving careers in Canada.

FSWP Eligibility Criteria

If you wish to file an application for the FSWP, you have to fulfill certain basic eligibility criteria. These include work experience, language proficiency, education, etc, and securing a minimum of 67 points from a total of 100. The following are the eligibility criteria to be fulfilled for the FSWP:

  • A minimum of 12 months of paid full-time or corresponding part-time work in the last ten years in an occupation categorized as TEER Level 3, 2, 1, or 0 under the National Occupational Classification
  • Demonstrate proficiency in English or French language corresponding to CLB/ Canadian Language Benchmark 7 in all four competencies – speaking, listening, writing, and reading
  • ECA – Educational Credential Assessment Report of overseas educational credentials corresponding to a Degree, Diploma, or Certificate in Canada
  • Obtain a minimum of sixty-seven points of a total hundred points on the FSWP grid
  • Fulfill the criteria for settlement funds if applicable. It requires demonstrating that you possess a specific sum of funds for supporting yourself financially after arrival in Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker Program Application Process

Step 1: Verify your eligibility

You must confirm that you are qualified for FSWP as assessed on the factors specified above like education, language proficiency, work experience, etc. Also, ensure that you secure 67 points.

Step 2: Obtain the documents for profile creation

You will require three categories of documents for the creation of your profile in Express Entry:

Identification: Ensure that you have a legitimate passport.

Language Proficiency: You will require results from an accredited test for language that you received within the past 24 months of profile creation.  IELTS or CELPIP tests are available for the English language and TCF and TEF for the French language. You can get extra points if you possess some proficiency in the second language.

Education: You will require an ECA – Educational Credentials Assessment Report for educational credentials that you have obtained overseas.

Step 3: Profile creation in Express Entry

In this step, you have to create your profile in Express Entry on the IRCC website. You will have to share some personal details and a few have to be self-declared like work experience. Some of the information has to be supported with documentation specified in step 2.

Step 4: Improve your ranking under the CRS

You will have to try to increase your score in CRS if your overall score is lower than the cut-off needed to get an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR Visa. Reappearing for language tests to secure better results is a popular option to increase the CRS score. This is if your scores can be improved further.

Further, there exist other options as well for increasing your CRS score like gaining extra work experience. You must also assess if you are qualified through any of the Provincial Nominee Program Streams aligned with the Express Entry System. This is specifically applicable if you have worked or are working in Canada in a Province. Getting a PNP nomination implies 600 extra CRS points.

Step 5: Obtain an ITA

Once you get the ITA, you can file an application for PR Visa and include even your family members in the application if you so wish. After you get the ITA you get sixty days for filing a complete application. IRCC offers ITAs in Express Entry usually once in 2 weeks through selection draws. Further, from August 2023 even targeted draws have commenced under Express Entry.

Step 6: Complete formalities and file an e-application

All FSWP applicants are evaluated for prospective criminal and medical inadmissibility to Canada. They must include in their application the results of a medical exam from a Physician included in the panel approved by IRCC. 

Further, you have to offer a report from the Police for background verification which is also termed as the Certificate of Clearance. It must be obtained from each nation where you have resided for a minimum of 6 months after having attained 18 years of age. Detailed employment reference letters from past employers must also be filed with the application.

As there are only 60 days available to arrange all the documents and file a complete application it is advisable to obtain whatever documents possible before getting ITA.

Step 7: E-application Review

The immigration/IRCC Officer will assess the e-application and inform you if in case anything extra like documents or letters is required.

Step 8: Receive COPR status and complete your landing

Around 3/4th of the applications filed through FSWP are processed within a period of 6 months or less. If your final application is accepted you will get COPR – Confirmation of Permanent Residence. An officer at the entry port in Canada or the IRCC Office will sign and specify the date of approval of PR status on this document.

Step 9: Obtain your PR card

You can apply for a PR Card in Canada after receiving the COPR. This card can be used as evidence of your lawful status in Canada if you travel overseas.

To apply for Canada PR Visa from India as a skilled worker or to check your eligibility for Canada PR Visa contact ICCRC-authorized Immigration Experts at Nationwide Visas.