If yes, then you have made a perfect choice because canvas shoes could turn out to be your multipurpose shoes. You will be able to increase the life of your canvas shoes by taking care of your shoes and by following a few simple tips.

Best casual shoes for men, then you will certainly love your new pair of canvas shoes. They are ideal for evening wear and an excellent choice for summer. As they could be used as multipurpose shoes, they are exposed to extreme conditions. The wear and tear are also high when compared to the other types of shoes that you own. Despite the highest level of wear and tear and the extreme conditions to which your canvas shoes are exposed to, you will be able to increase the life of your canvas shoes.

Select the best brands if you want your canvas shoes to last long. Top brands make use of right quality canvas fabric and durable soles for the shoes. The stitch quality will also be useful when you go with the most trusted brands.

Clean your canvas shoes regularly, and do not let the dirt and dust sit on it for long after use. If you have walked muddy paths and if you have mud stuck to your shoes, clean the mud carefully after allowing it to dry. Once the clay is dry, the hardened cakes mud will fall off by tapping the shoes on a hard surface and then scraping the remaining dirt with an object that does not damage the canvas fabric. After the initial cleaning, you can wash it in the machine by running a cold wash program without spin and dryer. Make sure whether your brand recommends machine wash. Only a few brands are made for machine wash. While buying your canvas shoes, you need to check the shoe care instructions so that you will not have any issues when you need to clean your shoes.

Whether you are washing your shoes by hand or going for a machine wash, you need to make sure that the shoes are dried well, and you should not use a dryer, or you should not dry it near the fireplace. Instead, you should air-dry the shoes so that the fabric does not get damaged due to exposure to excess heat. Before you store it back in the shoe rack, ensure there is no moisture content on the canvas. If you store it with moisture, it will result in mold growth.

Stuffing the shoes with waste paper other than the newspaper will help in retaining the shape of the boots. If the shoes are not wet, you can use a journal. You need to avoid using any paper that has the risk of smudging of printed ink on to the canvas fabric.

By ensuring these canvas shoe care basics, you will be able to increase the life of your canvas shoes.