If you’re making an educational or promotional video, you will need a green screen to make the background unique and relevant. A green screen is the best method to showcase a particular location in the background without physically traveling to the location. You shoot your subject whole keeping the green screen on the background, and then use some great editing tools or video editing software to remove the green part. This way you can remove the green part and replace it with anything or any scenario you want. 

However, the process is easy said than being done. Apart from determining the location of the screen and the subject, you also need to have great video editing skills to create an eye-catching background. Even though you can hire a video editor, but they will also fail to make your video look attractive if you make mistakes with the green screen.

Here are the top 3 green screen mistakes you should avoid. 

Shadows on the Green Screen

This is one of the most common green screen mistakes. Remember that shadows on the screen will develop major problems. You need to eliminate the shadows during the editing process so that they don’t appear in your final video. However, the real problem is that if the shadows are extranet strong, you won’t be able to eliminate them no matter how experienced the video editor you hire. 

This is why you need to pay close attention to the professional lighting while shooting against the green screen background. Consider increasing the lighting, controlling the intensity, or moving your subject away from the background so that they don’t cast strong shadows.

Improperly Lit Green Screen

If the lighting is uneven, you might end up shooting on a green screen that has unintentional bright and dark areas. 

The Chroma Key method will help video editors to remove any specific type of color from the image of the video. However, if the color variation is extreme is due to the uneven lighting, video editors will face more challenges to remove the unwanted colors without damaging the subject. 

Most professional video editors use Adobe After Effects to adjust the lighting factor. However, the best way to solve this method is by preventing it from happening in the first place. Additionally, you need to avoid the motion blue problem if you’re shooting fast action videos. Make sure you capture the video or image with proper shutter speed. As per Photographylife, the shutter speed will determine the motion blur.

Color Spill on Green Screen

This is another green screen mistake you need to avoid. The color spill on the green screen occurs when you reflect too much light on the screen. This might happen when you’re trying to remove the shadows on a green screen. You might end up developing green edges around your object. The subject of the final video will look like they have green skin. If you want to resolve the color spill problem, you need to have thorough knowledge about the position of the lighting. You can reduce the intensity of the light closest to the screen. You can also solve this problem by placing the subject further away from the screen background. 


These are the top 3 green screen mistakes you need to avoid. Do you want a high-quality screen for your promotional, educational, or content creational purposes? Make sure you contact us today.