A modern bedroom is not just a place to doze off after a long day; instead, it is one of the essential parts of a home to rejuvenate the senses. When designing this restful haven in your abode, there must not be any error, as it can tarnish the overall home interior.

While there is no rulebook to deck up a modern interior, you still need the guidance of experts to bring your dream bedroom to reality. But the question is how to find out the best designer who can create a luxury bedroom design that oozes self-expression, modernity, and some experimentation.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help you find the right interior designer for your home. If you want to make a powerful contemporary impact within your bedroom, along with a personal touch, you need to check out these top five bedroom interior designers in the UK:

1. Romans Haus

Well-known as a German specialty brand, Romans Haus offers tailored bedroom designs with remarkable precision and functionality. Their bedroom designs in the UK are as unique as their client. It is because they believe in redefining an individual’s persona and unique style while forming the right balance between practicality and aesthetics.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, interior designers of this brand offer exceptional customized bedroom solutions to meet your expectations. With Nolte, they are empowered for creating clean and sleek lines within a free space to create a top-notch luxury bedroom design.

From bed and bedside tables to wardrobe, they design every piece in your bedroom with the highest standards in terms of appearance, ergonomics, durability, and functionality. Not just luxury bedrooms, they also help you in personalizing every minute detail of Duravit bathrooms in London as per your preference and convenience.

2. Martin Waller

According to Martin Waller, his interior designs draw inspiration from his tours to some remote places around the world. He is known for using unique treasured finds from some of his global trips in different interior designs. From South American hand-woven textiles to maize tables influenced by the craftsmanship used in Nagaland, you can find exquisiteness in each design.

As a result, he always manages to create innovative bedroom designs that dominate the space with multi-cultural artifacts, textures, and hues. When these rarely found art pieces are combined with modern luxury bedroom designs, a solitary interior is created far from the imagination of an ordinary person.

Apart from being atypical, his designs are also inviting, warm, and cozy. This fusion of rarity and calmness is perfect for setting up a restful haven.

Duravit Bathroom London

3. Peter Mikic

Peter Mikic is a fashion designer turned interior designer. After designing uniforms for a yacht crew, he dipped his toes into creating soft furnishings. With over 15 years of experience now, he has become one of the popular interior designers in London.

His interior design style is sophisticated and eclectic, blending antiques with contemporary designs. He likes to create rooms that appear a little loose but distinguished at the same time.

He believes that design inspiration may come from almost anything. However, he has been going through the design principles of some famous names like Carlo Scarpa and Jean Royere. The fundamentals of these iconic personalities are often visible in his interior designs.

4. Run For The Hills

This interior design firm is run by a husband-wife duo, graphic artist Christopher Trotman, and interior designer Anna Burles. Being a multidisciplinary powerhouse, Run For The Hills handles different types of interior designing projects, including homes, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, and bars.

Their interior designs reflect a combination of modern design elements with an industrial edge and raw finishes. You may consult them if you want to create an edgy bedroom design with an industrial touch and maximum comfort. Their designs are skittish but quite welcoming and calming too.

5. 1508 London

Another critical mention in the list of top five modern interior designers has to be UK-based firm 1508 London. Their interior style is often unbounded by typical design principles. They like to view their every project as unique and start it by knowing the exact history and geography of different spaces for exclusive design inspiration.

From designing luxury bedroom interiors to top-notch five-star hotels, the firm has spread its magic in various luxurious spaces. One of their highly talked about work is Project Elizabeth, which is a Victorian postal office transformed into a powerful apartment-cum-gallery. The highlighting features of this work are its pre-cast concrete doors that are brilliantly carved with wood inside for better perforation, along with acrylic lenses for accentuating light everywhere into the given space.

If you also wish to add something different like this to your bedroom design, 1508 London is there to help you.


With the list of these top interior designs, you must be familiar with their styles and design inspirations. If you feel that any of these interior designers match your vibe, you can consult them for your new bedroom design project.