When you move into a new home you decorate it according to your comfort. From the height of chairs in your house to how the spices are racked you put everything in a way that would make the new place feel like home. 

Why not do the same with your phone? 

In today’s world, your phone is as private to you as your home. You feel uneasy leaving both these unsupervised. It sure makes me anxious when someone is holding my phone for more 20 seconds. So why not make your phone a little more personal with some amazing customizations.

If that is something that sounds appealing to you than make sure you read this curated list of best customization apps for android users. 

Top 7 Customization Apps For Android Phones

1. Bobble Indic Keyboard

Play Store Rating – 4.6 

Bobble Indic Keyboard is one of the most customizable apps that you can find on the google play store. From how the keyboard looks and sounds to the language you speak it has a lot of features. One of its best features is that you can make your own bobblehead i.e. a cartoon head using a selfie of yours. 

You can then use this selfie to make custom stickers and share these on any platform of your choice. You can even edit the text of the stickers you share. You can also set any picture of yours as a keyboard theme, set the height of the keyboard, change notifications sounds, and make use of features like auto-suggestion, auto-corrections, and so on. With time the AI will help the keyboard remember your typing style for better suggestions. It also has a very well working transliteration feature.

2. Energy Bar

Play Store Rating – 4.2

Energy Bar is a pretty cool app that can come in handy. If you are like me than the small battery icon can be irritating especially the one where the percentage is not written. Energy Bar turns the top bar of your phone into a battery gauge making it easy for you to know the battery level without squinting your eyes.

3. Reddit

Play Store Rating – Depends on the Reddit App you use 

Reddit doesn’t directly help you customize your phone but it has a lot of posts that can help you customize. From which apps to download to how to work a particular app in the best way Reddit comes to the rescue. It even has posts with links to cool wallpapers, themes, and other stuff for androids. 

There are many different Reddit apps available online. Some of my favorite Reddit Apps are Bacon Reader, Boost For Reddit, Infinity For Reddit, Now For Reddit. Depending on how you like to read and other preferences you can choose any Reddit app and use the plethora of information present to suit your needs.

4. Sharedr

Play Store Rating – 4.2

We all share a lot of data online these days, Sharedr takes pride in making

sharing via Androids easy and faster. You can customize your sharing contacts and apps you want to share on according to your preferences. 

You can customize the layout of the sharing pop-up boxes, change names for better understanding, and change positions of apps on basis of priority. It might take some time setting up but once done it feels worth the time. 


Play Store Rating – 4.0 

IFTTT is for you if you like syncing up apps on your phone so that they work in harmony. You can connect different apps and devices using this nifty app for a smoother working experience. 

IFTTT supports more than 630 apps and using this and voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant you can control all the apps via voice commands.

Remember how we talked about Reddit above. You can find many IFTTT tips and tricks on Reddit that will blow your mind. There are many similar apps but IFTTT looks the most non-chaotic of all of them.

6. Action Launcher

Google Play Store Rating – 3.8 

Action Launcher is an android launcher app that allows you to customize various things on your phone. Miss those old full-screen filled with app get it back with Action Launcher. Customize the search box and folder icons as you want. 

Action Launcher also has quite a few widget options for you to choose from. There are many other features that will customize the looks of your phone. Do give it a try.

7. Zedge And Volume Control Panel Pro

Zedge Play Store Rating – 4.5

Volume Control Panel Pro Rating – 4.4 

Zedge has a wide range of wallpapers to choose from but it boosts most of its collection of Ringtones, Notification tones, Alarm tones, etc. It is one of the most popular app audio tone customizations and is loved for its collection regarding the same. 

Volume Control Panel Pro as the name suggests helps you customize the volume panel. Customize vibrations, notifications volume, ringtone volume for different uses.

Speaking of customization. I recently came across a highly customizable Marathi Keyboard app that took away all my Marathi typing woes. If you are all someone who struggles with typing Marathi and/or is looking for a good keyboard that works in both Marathi and English then this has my highest recommendation.