It is no shock that things in the field of designing have changed, and probably whoever said that the only thing that is constant in this world is change had been in the field of designing for years. Well, jokes apart, I have always seen the field of designing changing. This is 2021, and surely the trends that were in 2010 are not implacable now. This was what I realized while seeing the logos of a few brands recently, and it became my inspiration to write this blog.

  1. Bright Colors

In the world today, what attracts the eyes is the only thing that gets famous. One of the elements to make any logo to be eye-catching and attractive is to use bright colors, and brands have realized this, which is why what we see in today’s designing world is the explicit use of bright colors. See McDonald’s, they have used the bright yellow color, and unsurprisingly they always get noticed even after having such a simple logo.

  1. Metallic Logo Designs

Robotics has taken over the world, and by no surprise, this is also reflecting in the logo designing field currently. Most of the technology and AI companies I have seen have their logo in metallic logo design, and it is because it gives a feeling of being competent in the contemporary world, and this, without any doubt, has become a major trend in logo designing in 2021.

  1. Minimalist Logo Designs

This is in practice for years now and hasn’t lost its position in the field of designing, but who knows when it gets replaced. But in 2021 it is surely in the trends. It is one of the logo designs that appreciate the simplicity and enable the target market to have an increased understanding of what brand is trying to communicate. This is the reason that it has been in the top design trends for years and is still on the list for 2021. We see this trend being used by a lot of video animation companies because the minimal logo design makes you have the simplest animation designs on it.

  1. Typography Logos

This is 2021, and you can bring out creativity and innovation from anything. Typography in the previous years was only an element of logo designing, but in 2021, it has surprisingly become a trend, and that too am an explicitly used trend. It makes the brands to use just the font and typography styles to be used as logos, and we have multiple examples of the same to be seen in the world currently. Typography logos are easy to make yet give the businesses a look of creativity and innovation, which is all you need.

  1. Creative Logotypes

This is inevitably in the trends of logo design that will rule in 2021. Creativity is one of the basic requirements of the logo designing fields and the logos that are being used in the world today. If you pull creativity out of your logo, its worth nothing, and this is what has made me list this trend out here. Creative logotypes are not specifically about one thing or a couple of things, but they most importantly are about depicting the creativity throughout, and this is one of the best ways to catch the attraction of your target market through your logo.

  1. Responsiveness:

Versatility is the key element of great logo design. Whether you need a logo for printable or for online and digital mediums and platforms, a versatile goes a long way in building brand awareness and recognition. Your logo has to be flexible enough to look good and fit well on various devices and screen sizes. If such is the case with your logo, then it is responsive.

  1. Perspective:

Experimentation with the design perspective is one of the biggest trends. Where this trend has been in the design industry for a couple of years, but it still is one of the most popular trends. From distorting the shapes and texts to warping the text around the graphic element, molding the perspective is one of the latest trend capable of grabbing the attention of hundreds of targeted audience and potential customers.

These logo trends that have been mentioned above are being used by designers in 2021. Each of these trends has some specifications that make it be different from the others, and moreover, it also becomes the reason for using these trends. What I personally think is that creative logotypes out of each of these logo trends are one of the best to be used in recent times.