Despite all the best advice, most homebuyers push their budget to the limit. In many cases, this is what it takes to get onto the property ladder. Of course, this doesn’t leave much room to handle unexpected costs. That is why it is so important that you have a home inspection completed before you commit to any property.

It is a good idea to get a qualified plumber Sydney in to look at your home before you commit to purchasing it. This is especially true if you notice any of the following issues while inspecting the property.

The Faucets

A simple glance won’t always tell you if a faucet is leaking or not. Turn them on and see how tight they are. Then, turn them off as you would do normally. If they start leaking but stop when you tighten them more then the washer is dying and needs to be replaced.

At the same time, look underneath the faucet in the cupboard. You need to verify that there are no leaks inside the cupboards.


Have you ever been in the middle of a nice warm shower and the water goes cold? It is not a nice feeling! This is often due to water pressure changes. You can verify this by turning on a faucet and then turning on a different one. See if the pressure drops on the initial one.

This suggests that the wrong sized pipes have been used and there isn’t enough flow. Alternatively, you may need to fit a pressure booster. It is good to be aware of the issue.

Inspect The Toilet

It should be easy to lift the lid off the cistern and look inside. You will want to make sure that the interior mechanism looks in good condition. You can also pull the flush to ensure the cistern refills properly.

Don’t forget to see how quickly the water drains away. Slow drainage is a sign of a clog building. This could be debris in the pipes or it could be a result of damaged pipes. Be especially cautious if the yard has big trees, their roots may have reached and damaged the sewer pipes.

Plumbing Materials

Modern homes generally use plastic tubing for plumbing purposes with copper tails to appliances. But, older homes may still have lead piping. Lead is dangerous to your health, it accumulates in your body and causes health issues later in life.

 If you have lead pipes you will need to remove them and you should budget for this.

DIY Repairs

It is also worth looking at the plumbing, system to see if there are any DIY repairs. If you notice any you should question the homeowner regarding why they were necessary and make sure they have been done to the relevant code.

Don’t forget, any issue with the plumbing system will affect your wallet, proceed with caution. No matter how good the house is, you want to enjoy it, not spend a fortune on fixing it.

Foundation Cracks and Basement Waterproofing