Formulas are a very important part of a lot of subjects. Memorizing them is a key point to score good marks in your exams. In this article, we are going to discuss a few tips that will help you memorize formulas very easily. Keep reading to know more.

  • The first thing to do before memorizing your formulas is to learn your chapters thoroughly. To do this, first, listen to what your teacher is teaching in the class. Clear all your doubts regarding a chapter. If you do not do this, you would not understand the concepts of a particular chapter. If you are unable to understand the concepts, you will not be able to remember the formulas properly. Once you are clear with all the concepts in a chapter, you will remember the formulas related to the chapter. Understanding the concepts of a topic or a chapter is the initial key to memorizing formulas.
  • Use a highlighter when you are reading the textbook. While reading line by line, highlight the important parts with one color. Highlight the formulas in another color. The brain can perceive vibrant colors better than plain black and white. So, highlighting the formulas will automatically help your brain remember them better. Your brain will be able to process the vibrant colors in a great way. This will help you memorize the formulas in a better way. Another perk of highlighting is, whenever you open your textbook, your eyes will go straight to the highlighted part because it looks vibrant and attractive. This way, even if you look at your formulas every time you open your textbook, it will contribute to your memorizing of the formulas.
  • You need to keep practicing your formulas. For this, you have to practice at least ten to twenty NCERT important questions daily. You will be able to apply the formulas you have learned, in these questions. Try to solve all kinds of numerical problems so that you can apply various formulas that you’ve learned. Doing this daily will help you keep your formulas in mind. If you just read the formulas and do not practice them at all, you won’t remember the formulas properly. If you practice numerical problems daily using those formulas, you will be able to memorize the formulas very easily. Practicing them will reduce the chance of you forgetting any formula.
  • As mentioned before, you need to read your textbook thoroughly. After reading the textbook thoroughly, wait for a few minutes, close your eyes and recall the formulas. After a while, write them down in a copy. If you do this, you will be one step closer to remembering your formulas. Do this chapter-wise. Put the heading of the chapter in your copy, and then write down all the formulas below. It will be better if you write down what each symbol in a formula means. In this way, you would not get confused about which formula is used to calculate what. 
  • Always learn the derivation of every formula. Especially, in classes 11 and 12, every Physics formula will have a derivation. Learn these derivations carefully as they are purely conceptual. You have to understand every step carefully. When you learn the derivation, you will be able to derive the formulas easily. For example, during an examination, if you forget a formula, you can derive it by writing its derivation. It might be time taking but it will save you at the last moment. So, it is necessary to learn the derivations of certain formulas.
  • Every day, for a few minutes, read all the formulas that you’ve written, at least once. Do this at the very beginning whenever you sit to studying. If you read the formulas every day, you will remember them for the whole day. To make sure that you do not forget the formulas, revise the formulas in your head twice a day. Do it once as soon as you wake up in the morning and once before you go to bed at night. Once you start doing this, it will become a daily habit of yours and you will not forget any formulas of any subject.
  • Write down some important formulas in little sticky notes and stick them all around your room. Stick it in places that are easily visible to your eyes. Do it in such a way that your eyes might go to those notes involuntarily throughout the day. In this way, your subconscious will automatically register those formulas in your brain. So even if you feel like you are forgetting your formulas, you would not actually forget them. If you let your brain relax, all the formulas will come rushing back to you.

These tips will surely help students memorize every formula they need to remember. Do not put too much pressure on your brain. Keep calm and do the needful. Good luck!