Whether you’ll be getting a 3G, 4G, or an LTE network is mostly decided by your carrier. However, with the introduction of the 5G network, people are becominSpectrum Internet Prices interested in choosing the mobile network by themselves.

Several companies have launched 5G technology, and all including Spectrum WiFi packages seem to be getting a good response from businesses. Let’s explore its features, including some of the misconceptions prevailing among many regarding this technology.

What Is 5G?

It is the fifth generation of wireless communication and some ground rules that dictate the functioning of a network. It is an upgraded version of 4G and LTE networks and is powered by the latest technology referred to as mmWave or millimeter-wave.

5G network

These networks enable users to enjoy blazing fast Internet speeds with reduced latency. As they utilize the latest technology, they are also more expensive than the standard 4G and LTE networks. The best part about this technology is that users are able to surf seamlessly even in crowded areas. You can also download your favorite shows and movies within seconds.

Now that we have discussed the features of 5G in detail, it is time to explore the myths and facts surrounding this technology.

Fact vs. Fiction

Here is the complete truth about these widely popular Internet opinions:

It Won’t Work on Old Phones

This is not a Fact. This new technology can work on the 4G or LTE compatible phones easily. This is because 5G technology is not the replacement of 4G or LTE networks. Therefore, if you have an old phone, you can subscribe to a 5G package to make the most of this technology.

However, if you want to enjoy maximum benefits, then it is better to purchase a 5G compatible phone. This might be difficult because only some providers like Samsung offer this technology currently. However, you can expect other providers like Apple to start releasing huge numbers of 5G compatible phones later this year.

5G Frequencies Damage Brain Cells

Whenever a new technology is introduced, people start worrying about the health side effects. Since the introduction of 5G technology, people have started speculating that the 5G frequencies can damage brain cells. These speculations have been proven wrong by the latest evidence.

A 2000 graph by Dr. Bill P. Curry showed that the human brain can increasingly absorb microwaves at higher frequencies. However, multiple scientists have provided evidence to debunk this myth. They have shattered this myth on the following grounds:

  • The absorption was done by exposed tissues, not by protected cells.
  • The “shielding effect” was not taken into account.

Therefore, several scientists have claimed that our skin is perfectly capable of blocking high frequencies from entering our bodies.

5g Networks Will Help in Weather Prediction

This is a relatively unknown area. Many scientists have claimed that 5G technology will be able to intermingle with the satellite data. This will enable it to accurately predict hazardous weather conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes extra. But, there’s not enough evidence to support this hypothesis.

Also, there are not enough 5G compatible phones currently to test this hypothesis successfully. For now, the only confirmed thing about this technology is that it does not affect the satellite data. So, satellite TV viewers can expect to enjoy smooth services even with the introduction of this technology.

5g Technology Is Needed to Keep up With the World

This is a Fact. In terms of technological advancement, the USA is lagging behind. South Korea, China, the UK, and Germany extra have already introduced multiple providers. So, the USA needs to introduce new carriers throughout the country to promote national prosperity, healthcare, and security.

Upgrading to 5G Is Quite Expensive

This is a Myth. If you are not planning to change your mobile phone, then you only need to subscribe to a 5G package to start enjoying this technology. So, if you are a regular mobile Internet user, then upgrading to 5G is not expensive at all.

By Buying a 5G Phone, You Can Use a 5G Network

It depends upon your location. If you live in a state where the technology has been introduced already, then you can maximize your Internet speeds by buying a 5G compatible phone. However, internet service prices like Spectrum Internet prices would be higher for 5G packages.  But we all know that for many of us having blazing fast speeds and an uninterrupted Internet connection is way more attractive!