Even after one year of living with the Pandemic, we don’t know when it will end. Until we get the right solution for it, we need to know how to live with it. For that reason, we need to take the utmost precaution while going out.

Wearing a mask is necessary to prevent this airborne virus to enter through mouth or nose. If you think that wearing a mask can kill your fashion game, then you don’t know the secret of Cashmere Scarves.

It is wonderful to know that you can use your scarf as a mask. It can be fashionable and useful as well. so, if you think that you are going to miss the fashion game this year, the scarf can come to the rescue.

You just need to check how to use it and cover your face so that it will work as the mask efficiently and keep the novel Coronavirus at bay.

• Head to face cover:
Much before the advent of Covid-19, many girls are following this style to wear the Cashmere Scarves. In this way, both the head and the face will be covered and protect from the sun and pollution. You need to fold the stole into a triangle and then place it on the head while wrapping one side of the cloth around the chin and shoulder.

Now take the other end and wrap it around your nose and mouth. You need to tie both ends behind your head to secure it. Remember, not to tie it too tightly otherwise you will have difficulty breathing.

• Face Scarf:
If you want to have a casual way to wrap the scarf, then it is for you. It is very easy as well as stylish. To follow this style, you need to fold the scarf in a triangle and wrap it on your mouth and nose. Now take both ends and tie a knot behind your head. The scarf will cover your nose, mouth, neck, and chest as well. This style looks best when your scarf is square in shape.

• Simple Face Wrap:
It is a very easy way to make the mask. Take the scarf and fold from the middle so that the top and bottom edges come together. Now the shape of the scarf will be a rectangle. Now hold both of the sides of the scarf beside your face. Then safely wrap it around covering your face and mouth. Finally, tie both ends to complete the look.

Things you should keep in mind while using the scarf as the mask:

While using the scarf as the mask, you have to keep in mind the following points.

• Make sure the material of the scarf is thick enough to give you protection against the virus. If you use some thin fabric, then the scope of contamination will be high.

• Always use two or three folds to use the scarf as the mask.

• Wash the scarf after every use to clean all the germs and pollutions.

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