Nothing can be better than your dream travel plan turning into a reality. There must be a lot you have planned for the trip, and one of the most crucial aspects for you must be looking your absolute best throughout the vacation. But how will you do that? In today’s time, just selecting the best outfits is not enough. You have to pick and pair those outfits with the right accessories for maximum impact. While you may be tempted to buy the latest gold necklace for the trip, a random pick will not be enough. It can, instead, become disastrous for you.

If you want to pay special attention to your travel looks and ensure you wear the perfect pair of outfits and accessories, we have done half the work for you. They can easily pair well with the following necklaces shared below, regardless of the outfits you plan to buy and wear.

Pendant Necklace

What makes pendant necklaces really popular among woman travelers is their versatility. You can quite easily pull off any outfit with the help of a gorgeous pendant necklace. The pendant part of the necklace generally hangs freely from the chain part and is different for various options. The pendant part can vary in size, shape, and design, making it unique in its own way. If you want to express your personality through your accessories, you should definitely carry a pendant necklace with you on your trip.

Pearl Strand Necklace

If there is one classic piece that you can never go wrong with is a pearl strand necklace. These necklaces are considered the most sophisticated of all, and pair perfectly with various types of outfits. You can wear a pearl strand necklace as a standalone jewellery item or pair it with other accessories like a layering piece of jewellery. For example, a long lariat necklace will look stunning with a pearl strand necklace. Women used to wear the pearl necklace on formal events a lot, but now they have started incorporating the same necklace in their informal ensemble too. And the results are just spectacular.

Collar Necklace

Don’t confuse a collar necklace with a choker. These two might look similar, but they are not. A collar necklace is designed to sit exclusively on your collarbone region to show the delicacy of the neckline through stark contrast of its design. This necklace is best styled with an off-shoulder top, off-shoulder gown, or any outfit or your choice. Just make sure the outfit allows the collar necklace to show your collarbone region for maximum impact.

Lariat Necklace

Want a necklace that is versatile and evergreen? If yes, you have to get a lariat necklace for your trip. Also known as the Y-shaped necklace, it doesn’t come with a clasp. You can find one end of the necklace being looped through a circular pendant to keep the entire chain in place. The best part of a lariat necklace is that it can be styled in several ways. You can also adjust the chain length, making it ideal for different outfit types. They are usually found dangling below the collarbone region, but you can easily adjust its chain length to achieve varying necklines.

What More?

Besides the top four necklace types mentioned above for your upcoming dream travel vacation, you can also get your hands on some matching accessories to complement the look. A bracelet, earring, and a ring, along with a stylish watch, would do wonders. So make sure you get all these items before the trip begins. You’ll surely surprise people with your look created using these accessories.