We all have different body shapes and sizes. Hence, there is never one perfect fit for every body type. This is one thing you need to keep in mind as you go shopping for your summer holiday.

Beachwear fashion has been around for a while and is here to stay. You can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_beachwear_fashion to learn more about the history of beachwear fashion. Bikinis, swimsuits, midi dresses, floral prints, and a lot more often fill up the beaches in the summer.

However, if you want to look your best in these outfits, then you have to do consider your body size and type and the tips which we have listed out below.

1. Large Busts

If you have a big bust, then you need an outfit that won’t just provide adequate coverage but would also provide proper support.

When you go shopping, we advise you to keep your eyes peeled out for a suit that has a straight cut on top and which set straps are wide. For extra support, you will need bikinis with thick chest bands and an underwire.

2. Small Bust

If you have a small bust, then our guess is you want to accentuate it. In this case, halter tops often come in handy. Triangular tops are equally great picks. You want to go for suits that have details such as ruffles, this will deliver a fab look.

You can also take it up a notch and opt for padded bra suits as well as underwire tops. These will enhance what you already have.

Finally, avoid tops that have twist ties in front like a plague.

3. Big Hips

People with big hips typically have their hips bigger than their busts and waists. This is known as the pear shape. If you are shaped like this, then you want a suit that has fun details such as ruffles. You can also invest in outfits with patterns that catch attention. You can achieve the resort wear mood with an outfit like that in no time.

Finally, the bottoms you opt for should come in simple colors and have high cuts.

4. Compact Figure

Compact Figure

If you have a compact shape (that is you are all-around slim), then you would need to wear cutouts or bright prints. These would make your figure look fuller and give you that hourglass shape you desire.

5. Hourglass Shapes

Hourglass-shaped people often have their hips and busts at almost the same width size while their waists are relatively smaller.

The possibilities are endless with this shape as people with this shape simply need to flatter their curves.

6. Long Torso

If you’ve got a long torso, then you want to get a suit that will help your legs appear longer. Hence, the perfect suit for you would be bikini buttons that are high cut.

Tips To Keep In Mind

You need to keep the following tips in mind based on what you want when you go shopping:

1. When You Want Slimmer Hips

  • Dos:
  1. Get more focus on the outfit. Get a lighter-colored top or one that has an attractive pattern or fun details.
  2. Get a bottom that is not too high-cut and not too low either. This will make your legs look leaner and longer.
  • Don’ts:
  1. Do not go over the bar with your bottoms. In this case, the less the better.

2. When You Want a Slimmer Tummy

  • Dos:
  1. Avoid tankinis. You can however get one that doesn’t have a clingy top.
  2. Show a bit of skin. Now, you don’t want to go over the top with this, you just want to show enough skin to draw attention off your middle.
  • Don’ts:
  1. Avoid shiny materials. Go for matte instead as shiny materials will highlight your bump and lump.

While all these will give you the appearance of a flatter tummy, you can also try out some tips proven to effectively help you lose belly fat. You can visit here to learn more about this.

3. When You Want Flatter Curves

  • Dos:
  1. Consider wrap styles. This will serve as a waist trimmer to flatten your thick middle.
  2. Consider stripes. However, ensure that they are angles or vertical on your body.


Knowing and considering your body type is the best way to ensure you get the perfect outfits for your summer holiday.