Custom neon signs are great for a number of business-related events, but they can also be used to attract more customers in your own business. They allow you to be visible for a given amount of time during the event, while still being able to attract customers on a more personal level as well. Below is a list of a few of the ways that they can be used.

Promotional Display

You can put up custom neon light to promote your business and/or to inform guests about special events. It is not uncommon for an individual or business to use neon displays as part of a scavenger hunt. You will also find that they are popularly used to advertise special products.



These days, many businesses have become very concerned with how their customers perceive their company, and they do so through how they make announcements to their guests. Neon displays can make announcements easier for you by letting you include the company name and logo in the graphic. You can also give guests something to be excited about, while at the same time not giving away the fact that you are trying to advertise yourself. If you are planning a Halloween party, you can use some of the standard neon displays and add a twist by adding in the newfangled things that you may be using to lure people to the event.


Some businesses have special pricing plans for customers that want to be treated to some freebies, events, or even special deals. When this is the case, you will be able to offer them more in order to gain the attention of those who would be interested in such offers. For example, you may place the prices of the giveaway on a special sign on the front of your building that your guests will see when they walk in. This makes it seem like you are offering something much more valuable than you actually are.

Promotional Programs – Have you noticed all of the print ads that are floating around? How many of them are for specials, discounts, or special deals that are only available to a specific group of people? You can find a great deal of success in creating custom neon signs to advertise these special deals. You can create your own custom light up signs by using custom neon signs studio, many websites offering it.

Parking Lot

These are great for a number of events, including when a large group of people is going to be coming to a store, restaurant, or hotel and they need a place to park. By creating a great deal of traffic in a tiny space, you will be able to generate a good amount of business for your business. The added atmosphere and ambiance that a custom neon sign creates are often very inviting to people, which means that they will be coming back more often for more.

Banner Contest

Know that some businesses still hold event contests regularly. These contests can be great for a variety of reasons, including a great way to keep your name out there in the community. You can choose a particular color that you think will work for your business and then try to persuade the other companies to join in. The competitive nature of the event can be great for creating great deals that the other companies can’t refuse.