Video marketing is a tool that all business owners must consider today. Not only is it effective for boosting sales and brand recognition, but the customers prefer it. This is why creating video ads is essential for your business. Most people would prefer to watch an informative video for your product or company instead of reading through a long page of text. Currently, digital video advertising is the top-most market trend. If you do not create an engaging video ad for your business, you are missing an amazing opportunity to sell your service/products. Get involved in their trend by creating a video ad for your company.

How to Create an Engaging Video Ad?

Here are a few helpful tips that will help you create engaging video ads for your business.

  1. Make the First Few Seconds Count

The starting few seconds of the video ad are critical. To avoid viewers clicking away from your ad by skipping it, you need to grab their attention immediately. Begin the video with a statement that can spark the interest of your target market. Address common problems, ask relevant questions, or share something interesting in the very beginning to make your ad stand out.

  1. Highlight Your USP

Why should viewers take interest in your brand? The answer to this question is what will help you attract your target audience. Highlight your USP and share your achievements. You can also add customers’ positive feedback and testimonials to showcase your track record.

  1. Timing Your Video Ad

Don’t let your ad turn into a documentary. Most effective online video ads are 30 seconds or less. Keep this length as a framework when writing the script for the ad. However, if you create a video for brand positioning or tell a story featuring a company representative or customer, longer videos can also be used. The key is to eliminate unnecessary content and deliver the message as precisely and effectively as possible.

  1. Use a CTA

The goal of an ad is to encourage people to take some action. Your advertisement should also do the same. The CTA (Call to Action) can either be filmed or added using text and graphics. Ideally, you should include CTA at the end of your video. For instance, you can tell viewers how to visit your website to get further info, sign up to get a discount, or buy your service/product.

  1. Work with Influencers

You can involve popular influencers in your video ads to take advantage of the brand equity they have built. Think of ways to leverage their likability and create something that feel familiar to your audience.

Video ads are perfect for creating an impact and one of the best ways to engage your potential and existing customers like never before. As long as you come up with the right message to communicate to your audience, online video editors have made it extremely easy to create video ads. Whether you want to promote your brand, launch a fresh new product, or inform people about an upcoming sale, video ads are the way to go.

Steps to Create a Video Ad using Online Video Editor

  • Open the online video editor to begin creating your video ad. Choose one of the free ad video templates.
  • Design your video ad using images, graphics, and free footage available on the editor.
  • Most online video editors come up with tools to help you customize the templates to suit your idea and designs. You can alter the transitions and colors or upload your own footage and images.
  • Add short but impactful text to further the message. The key to an impactful and engaging video ad is to keep it clear and short.
  • Enhance the video further using stickers, music, and animations.
  • If you are feeling especially creative, you can create your own custom video from scratch as well. Mix and match different animations, merge different video clips together and add stock footage until you come up with the perfect ad.
  • Double-check everything on your video ad, then download and share. Make sure there are no typos and the message you want to convey is correct and clear. Once the final edit is approved, your video ad is ready to share with the world.

Things to Consider While Creating Effective Video Ads

Here are a few additional tips that you must keep in mind to ensure you create an effective online video ad.

Solve a Problem

Think about what problem your business is solving and how? Your video ad should highlight the problem, and then convey how it can be solved using your brand.

Use a Script

Creating a proper script before you start creating any video content is vital. Do not try to come up with something on the go. Create a proper script for the video ad including all the vital components mentioned above. Once you do this, get it reviewed by a few others who have a good understanding about the brand. Feedback is necessary for making any required adjustments.

Choose Your Platform

Once the video ad is produced and edited, the next important step is to upload it on a quality platform. The last thing you want for your ad is video hosting issues. The most popular and reliable options available today for uploading video content are YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. You can use any of these to boost the reach of your ad.

Get Creative

Most viewers tend to see commercials and click away. A unique style and format is key to appeal to the target audience. The more creative your ad is, the more views you are likely to get in comparison to your competitors.

Make sure that you keep these tips and tricks in mind while planning, creating and editing a video ad for your business. Whether you are creating the ad for boosting your sales, increasing your brand recognition, or something else, following these tips will help ensure that video marketing is the key to the success of your business endeavors.