In the past decade, social media has gained a lot of traction by incredibly influencing the lives of every individual. Surprisingly, social media has become a multi-billion dollar platform, greatly evolved into a solid marketing tool. Nowadays, we can see people of all age groups are spending their lot of time across multiple social media platforms. This tremendous growing popularity is giving an exciting opportunity to new as well as existing businesses to showcase their products or services efficiently. In the current scenario, the smart vloggers, influencers, and social media marketers are also taking advantage of videos to interact with their audience. Due to this, many influential brands have also shifted their focus to create interesting videos by taking high-quality social media marketing services in India.

Recently, digital marketers have revealed that as the world of digital marketing is constantly rising, the birth of videos such as video conferencing or live streaming will create a whole new wave in social media channels. However, well-known companies, food manufacturers, big automotive companies to influential fashion brands across the world have already harnessed the power of videos in their business marketing strategy. In this blog, we will understand in detail the impact of videos in creating a promising future of social media marketing:

Are Videos Grabbing More Eyeballs in Social Media Platforms?

The simple answer to this question is “YES”. Video content is dramatically changing the many businesses work and process in the online world. If we look at the current statistics, more than 3.81 billion people are actively accessing the internet worldwide. Out of which, half of the population prefer to watch billions of hours of videos on daily basis on Youtube alone.

Using Tik Tok, another highly rated social media platform that focuses usually on short videos has thrivingly surpassed over 800 million users.

Now, the experts have suggested that the businesses must focus on creating engaging video content by using solid video technology. Why? Because the brands will able to drive more than 80 percent of global internet traffic using videos by 2021.

Unlike blogs or infographics, companies will have to create powerful video content strategies to influence the behaviors of today’s ultra-modern consumers. 

With the availability of so many technologies, applications, and video communication tools. The companies have to take one step forward by implementing perfect video technology that matches exactly with their needs, preference as well as budget. 

Taking the right social media marketing services in India can promote your brand competently while growing your business successfully in the long-run.

The Trends and Video Technologies That Will Boost Your Business in the Upcoming Year

It’s no secret that video has become one of the most-effective tools to enhance the growth of your business. To stay relevant in this ever-changing dynamic world,. Businesses whether small or large need to keep themselves updated by embracing. The latest video trends and technologies in the coming years.

We have mentioned below some of the latest trends that can boost your business smartly, efficiently as well as productively:

  • The future of videos lies in Virtual Reality (VR). That will bring a revolutionary change in the entertainment and gaming industries.
  • In 2021, the popularity of live streaming videos like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live, etc. Will turn more heads on social media.
  • In the field of video technology, the higher resolution videos will remain the focal point of video technology professionals.
  • With the ease of access, cost-effectiveness, and communication effortless. The emergence of video conferencing. Will take over the market by offering a multitude of benefits in the challenging business environment.
  • Using interactive videos, the business will provide more user data for creating future marketing plans with ease.

To conclude, social media is triumphantly impacting. The lives of the user by providing them valuable information in an unprecedented way. Some businesses have already acknowledged the powerful techniques while some are still scratching the surface. As the business environment is getting complex day by day. It is the right time to strike the iron while joining hands with a reputed social media marketing company.

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